2012 – 2013 Platform

GAAC 2012 – 2013 Platform

2012 – 2013 Platform

  • Continue fight against user fees.
  • Work with FAA on the ASSET program that categorized all but 497 GA airports; help tweak criteria to ensure all categorizations are correct.
  • Monitor impact of sequestration on general aviation.
  • Oppose unfunded mandates, such as costly Safety Management System requirements.
  • Work with FAA on based aircraft definition and reporting requirements.
  • Work with FAA to avoid one-size-fits-all policies for GA airports.
  • Work with FAA to promote bird strike reporting.
  • Work with GA airports to reduce runway incursions.
  • Work with leaders of the GA Congressional Caucus and other Members of Congress on legislative issues related to GA airports.
  • Promote GAAC’s priorities in the next FAA Reauthorization.
  • Monitor TSA’s movement on the Large Aircraft Security Program.
  • Monitor EPA’s move toward unleaded aviation fuel.

GAAC 2011 Platform

Demonstrate The Importance Of GA Airports

The general aviation industry is an integral part of the U.S. economy – creating jobs, generating revenue, attracting business and industry, providing a transportation lifeline to communities across the country, helping businesses succeed, and supporting people and communities in times of crisis. General aviation’s overall economic output in the U.S. is estimated at $150 billion annually, supporting more than 1.2 million jobs. GA airports provide the launching pad for these activities, and local communities and the Federal government must recognize the necessity of GA airports in keeping local economies strong. Local governments and the Federal government must continue to support GA airports in their day-to-day management and operations, as well vital capital improvements.

Increased Federal Funding For GA Airports

GA airports have access to federal assistance through FAA programs, such as the Airport Improvement Program and the Facilities and Equipment Program. These programs fund vital general aviation airport projects. GAAC supports increased funds for these and other federal programs that benefit our airports and surrounding communities.

Increased Flexibility For AIP Entitlement Funds

GAAC supports increased flexibility for using AIP entitlement funds. The Airport Improvement Program provides $150,000 to each GA airport identified in the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS). These funds can be for capital improvements at the airports, resulting in much needed jobs in our communities. However, each GA airport has specific needs and uses for such funding and must be afforded the flexibility to use those funds in the most beneficial way for their airport.

Oppose Unfunded Mandates

GAAC opposes unfair, unfunded, costly mandates by the federal government, such as TSA’s proposed Large Aircraft Security Program, which would require additional security at many GA airports. The federal government, however, will not provide federal assistance to help fund security measures at GA airports.

Oppose User Fees

GAAC wants to ensure that aviation user fees are not used to fund the Federal Aviation Administration. User fees would impose an unfair regulatory and financial burden on general aviation, and would have a detrimental impact on GA airport operations.