FAQ: How Far Is Whistler From Vancouver Airport?

Is there a shuttle from Vancouver airport to Whistler?

The Vancouver Airport to Whistler Shuttle is the fastest, and most convenient shuttle service to Whistler. Frequent departures provide service to any Whistler address, with no additional charge for most hotels and condos!

How much is a taxi from Vancouver airport to Whistler?

Taxis are available outside the Vancouver Airport and throughout the city and will cost about $180 to get to Whistler, so it’s not a cheap option. You can often get discounts by booking ahead with companies like Whistler Taxi.

How much is uber from Vancouver to Whistler?

“With Uber — at almost $1 a kilometre — a trip from Vancouver to Whistler is almost $100,” said Devellennes. “With Pop, our max per-kilometre is 12 cents, so the cost to Whistler is $16.

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How much is shuttle from Vancouver to Whistler?

$35 Round Trip. Epic Rides offers non-stop, hassle-free shuttle service between Vancouver and Whistler—with no hidden or additional fees for skis, boards, and luggage.

How many days do you need in Whistler?

People should spend between 3 and 5 full days in Whistler in both summer and winter. This is the best way to enjoy the area and experience the best activities such as skiing in winter and hiking in summer.

Do you need a car in Whistler?

You do not need a car at Whistler. Most Whistler Village, Blackcomb Village and Creekside Village accommodations are within walking distance of the lifts. Even then, there is a free resort shuttle bus that will take you to the lifts from more distant lodges.

Are buses in Whistler free?

When are free buses available in Whistler? Route 4, 5, and 8 Village Shuttle routes are always complimentary, sponsored by the Province of B.C.’s Resort Municipality Initiative. Route 7–Staff Housing Complimentary Shuttle is free from 6 p.m. to 10 a.m. in the winter only. All buses are free on weekends in the summer.

How long is the shuttle from Vancouver to Whistler?

Our shuttle from Vancouver to Whistler takes you directly from Burrard station in downtown Vancouver to Whistler in less than 2 hours.

Is there Uber in Whistler?

Ride-hailing services Uber and Lyft have finally been approved for the Lower Mainland and Whistler. The Okanagan, meanwhile, will have to keep waiting.

Is it easy to drive from Vancouver to Whistler?

If traffic is light and the weather is good, you can drive the entire Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver to Whistler in about 2 hours. However, if you want to make a lot of stops, allow a full day. If you want to make any longer stops, I’d recommend splitting the trip up over 2 or 3 days.

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Can you fly directly to Whistler?

Flights to Whistler

Whistler doesn’t have an airport or an airstrip – there’s just not enough space for a runway with all these mountains around. You can still fly to Whistler by helicopter or floatplane – both fast, direct options with absolutely spectacular views.

How much is the train from Vancouver to Whistler?

How much are train tickets from Vancouver to Whistler?

Lowest price $132.25
Fastest train 12h 0m
Trains per day 1
Train lines 1

Can you do a day trip to Whistler from Vancouver?

Only two hours from Vancouver, Whistler is both an essential and easy day trip.

Is there a train to Whistler from Vancouver?

The Whistler train stopped operating in 2015. If you want to take the train from Vancouver to Jasper National Park, via Whistler. You can do that. It’s just that we don’t offer service just from Vancouver to Whistler, and there is no other company that offers that service.

How do I get from Vancouver to Whistler without a car?

If you are traveling in a group or simply looking for the most inexpensive way to get to Whistler, take the bus. Skylynx offers year round bus service between downtown Vancouver or Vancouver International airport and Whistler. The price varies by season. Greyhound buses depart from Vancouver for Whistler as well.

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