Often asked: What Airport Is Sjc?

What does SJC airport stand for?

Mineta San Jose International Airport (IATA: SJC, ICAO: KSJC, FAA LID: SJC), also known as San Jose International Airport, is a city-owned public airport in San Jose, California, United States. It is named after San Jose native Norman Mineta, former Transportation Secretary in the Cabinet of George W.

How far is SJC from SFO?

The shortest distance (air line) between SFO and SJC is 30.19 mi (48.59 km). The shortest route between SFO and SJC is 33.30 mi (53.58 km) according to the route planner.

Is Southwest Terminal A or B at SJC?

Southwest Airlines uses Terminal B at San Jose Airport.

How far is SJC from San Jose?

Driving distance from San Jose (SJC) to San Jose (SJO) is 3841 miles / 6182 kilometers and travel time by car is about 70 hours 59 minutes.

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What does the O stand for in SFO?

San Francisco International Airport abbreviated as SFO because ST stands for San Francisco and O stands for Oakland asSFO is the code for San Francisco International Airport.

Can you walk from Terminal A to Terminal B at San Jose airport?

yes. they’re seriously right next to each other and the security lines are rarely long, and even if they are, if you tell a TSA agent that you have a connection to make, they will make sure you get through the line. have a good trip! Thanks! The terminals are attached to each other.

Is there a shuttle from SFO to SJC?

There are a number of SFO & Oakland Airport shuttle services to San Jose out there, but ABC Shuttle Service is the best because our shuttles are consistently punctual, always reliable & cheap. You can consider us the discount or budget shuttle to/from SFO and OAK airports.

How much is an uber from SFO to San Jose?

The price is only $20 for the ride between SJC and SFO terminal to terminal. They don’t run as frequently but the entire trip is only 45 minutes long. Uber will not be cheap.

How far is it from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe?

It’s about 200 miles by car from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe, depending on if you’re heading to North Shore or South Shore. It takes about three hours to reach either side of the lake by car.

Does Southwest fly out of San Jose?

Traveling from San Jose.

Southwest Airlines proudly serves Mineta San Jose International Airport. If you’re ready for a retreat from Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, we’re here to help you get away and explore new horizons. Southwest can help you reach your dream destination in no time.

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What terminal does Southwest fly out of?


Airline Terminal Phone Number
Spirit Airlines T1 1-800-772-7117
Southwest Airlines T1 1-800-435-9792
Sun Country Airlines T1 1-800-359-6786
United Airlines T2 1-800-864-8331

Are terminals A and B connected at SJC?

Yes, they are. Quote: Once through the security checkpoint, access to all concessions and retail options in both Terminal A and Terminal B is available to all travelers.

How far is San Jose from LA?

Distance from Los Angeles to San Jose is 492 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 306 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Los Angeles and San Jose is 492 km= 306 miles.

How far is San Jose from Napa?

The distance between San Jose and Napa is 70 miles. The road distance is 81.4 miles.

How far is San Jose from Monterey?

The distance between San Jose and Monterey is 51 miles.

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