Often asked: What Is The Closest Airport To Zion National Park?

How long does it take to drive from Las Vegas airport to Zion National Park?

The trip time from McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas to the south entrance of Zion National Park is typically about 3 hours, covering 170 miles.

What is the best time of year to visit Zion National Park?

Spring and fall have the more moderate weather and might be the best time to visit Zion. April and May and September and October are usually warm and sunny with highs between 60 and 90 degrees on average.

How far is Salt Lake City airport to Zion National Park?

Yes, the driving distance between Salt Lake City Airport (SLC) to Zion National park is 313 miles.

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How far is Bryce Canyon from Zion?

From Zion to Bryce is 86 miles but it’s a lot slower driving. It will take you about 2 hours if you don’t make any stops. As you leave Zion and drive up through the Zion tunnel you might want to stop on the other side of the tunnel to see the Checkerboard Mesa or Red Canyon just before you get to Bryce.

Which is better Zion or Grand Canyon?

Zion is a relatively easy one-day drive from Orange County or the Inland region via I-15. Zion is just as beautiful, more accessible and less crowded much of the year than the Grand Canyon, where the rim walking paths and the main trails into the canyon can be packed with people during peak travel seasons.

Whats better Zion or Bryce?

Activities. Both of these Parks offer great outdoor activities for all ages. For canyoneering and rappelling, Zion beats Bryce. You’ll find world-class hiking in either Park, but in Zion you can find yourself hiking through streams or on sandstone ledges, like Angels Landing – one of the scariest hikes in the world!

How many days do you need in Zion National Park?

If you answered mostly A’s: You’re going to need a bit more time to explore. We suggest you plan at least 5-7 days for your trip to Zion National Park. If you’re an avid hiker, take your time visiting popular (and strenuous) day hikes such as Angels Landing, Zion Narrows Day Hike, and Observation Point Trail.

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How do you avoid crowds in Zion National Park?

How To Avoid The Crowds At Zion National Park

  1. Avoid the Summer. The first way to beat the crowds is to visit the park after the summer season.
  2. Visit the Northwest Section. The second way to avoid the crowds is to hike in from the less visited northwest portion of the park.
  3. Hike at Night.
  4. Wake up Early, Camp, and Hike on Weekdays.

How far is Zion from Grand Canyon?

Zion National Park is found just two hours north of the Grand Canyon North Rim and is accessible year-round. The park is 30 miles in length and fifteen miles across at its widest point, and consists of multiple layers of sandstone that have been stained by the oxidization of iron within the rock.

How far is Zion from Vegas?

From Las Vegas to Zion National Park by Car

It’s about 160 miles, and the drive usually takes about two and a to three hours hours.

How long is the drive from Salt Lake City to Zion National Park?

Zion National Park is located 300 miles (4.5-hour-drive) from Salt Lake City. Most of the drive is along Interstate 15, which has some beautiful sights and attractions along the way.

What is the closest town to Zion National Park?

Towns & Cities Near Zion National Park

  • Springdale, UT. 1.4 mi / 5 mins.
  • Hurricane, UT. 23.5 mi / 34 mins.
  • St George, UT. 41.7 mi / 58 mins.
  • Cedar City, UT. 58.3 mi / 1 hour 6 mins.

Can you do Zion and Bryce in one day?

To answer this question, YES! It is possible to visit both Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks in one day. These two National Parks are only 1.5 hours of driving time always from each other so with travel between parks it is possible and can be done fairly easily.

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Where should I stay in Bryce Zion?

Trip Planning Tips for Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks

  • Holiday Inn Express Springdale.
  • Best Western Plus Zion Canyon Inn & Suites.
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Springdale,
  • Springhill Suites Springdale Zion National Park.
  • La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Zion/Springdale.

How long is the drive from Bryce to Zion?

The driving distance from Bryce Canyon to Zion National Park is only about 80 miles(128km) and takes about 1:40 straight through.

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