Question: Airport Near Outerbanks Nc?

What airport do you fly into for Outer Banks?

As for flights, the Outer Banks is easily accessible from Norfolk International Airport (82 miles north), Raleigh Durham International Airport (192 miles west), or Coastal Carolina Airport (138 miles southwest).

Does Southwest fly Outer Banks?

American Airlines, Delta, Southwest and United Airlines all fly into this relativity small international airport located near the coast in southeastern Virginia. Most people who are traveling to the OBX by plane fly into Norfolk.

What airlines fly to Nags Head NC?

Located 72 miles southwest, or within a 90-minute drive of Nags Head, Norfolk International Airport offers daily flights via United, US Airways, American Airlines, Southwest and Delta. The airport’s two concourses have a variety of restaurants and retail stores, and Wi-Fi is free throughout the airport.

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How far is Outer Banks from Raleigh NC?

The distance between Raleigh and Outer Banks is 180 miles.

What is the best time of year to visit the Outer Banks?

The best time to visit the Outer Banks is March to May or September to November, when rates drop and crowds dissipate. Most locals and out-of-towners arrive during the summer months when the temperatures are the warmest.

What is hurricane season in Outer Banks?

Hurricane season lasts from June 1st until November 30th each year. There have been instances where storms formed in May and December; however, this is rare.

What part of Outer Banks is best?

Best Places to Stay in the Outer Banks

  • COROLLA. Located in Currituck County, this area is the northernmost section of the Outer Banks.
  • SOUTHERN SHORES. Largely a residential neighborhood, this town sits right between Kitty Hawk and Duck, providing easy access to both.
  • South Nags Head.

Can you drive to the Outer Banks NC?

From the West: Visitors can take US Highway 64 from Raleigh, Rocky Mount, and other inland regions to reach the northern entrance of the Outer Banks Scenic Byway. Travelers in the Morehead City / Beaufort area can also just follow US 70 to NC Highway 12 to reach the southern entrance.

What is the largest airport in North Carolina?

The biggest international airport in North Carolina is Charlotte/Douglas International with passenger count 22281949 and smallest airport is Pitt-Greenville with passenger count is 51599.

What is the closest airport to Nags Head NC?

Nearest major airport to Nags Head, North Carolina:

  • Norfolk International Airport (ORF / KORF)
  • Distance of 89 miles.
  • Airlines serving ORF.
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How far is Nags Head from Raleigh NC?

The distance between Raleigh and Nags Head is 170 miles.

Does Southwest fly into Norfolk VA?

Southwest Airlines flies to Norfolk/Virginia Beach often, which makes it easy to plan your next visit. Of course, having a memorable trip is about more than finding cheap airfare to Norfolk International Airport. Learn more about the Southwest® Experience and book your upcoming flight to Virginia.

Why is Outer Banks so popular?

The beautiful scenery, beautiful people, beach parties, and boat rides allow you to slip into another world. There is no better time than now to completely get lost in a new story, and Outer Banks certainly helps you forget about our current situation, even if just for a little while.

Do you have to take a ferry to the Outer Banks?

As noted, the ferry is free to all passengers, visitors and locals, and generally takes between 40-45 minutes depending on weather conditions. For visitors, the short run tends to fly by as they pass by Hatteras Inlet and some of the most scenic areas of the Outer Banks.

Can you drive to Hatteras Island?

You can get to Hatteras Island by car, boat or small plane. The vast majority of visitors arrive by car from the north on N.C. Highway 12. Other car travelers arrive on the ferry from the southwest via Ocracoke Island.

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