Question: Airports Near Melbourne Fl?

What is the closest major airport to Melbourne Florida?


Orlando MCO Orlando FL (48 miles)
Orlando Sanford SFB Sanford FL (59 miles)
Daytona Beach DAB Daytona Beach FL (79 miles)
Palm Beach PBI West Palm Beach FL (102 miles)
Tampa TPA Tampa FL (116 miles)

What airport do you fly into for Melbourne FL?

Nearest Airport to Melbourne, FL, United States

Closest airport to Melbourne is Orlando Melbourne International Airport (MLB).

How far is Orlando from Melbourne?

The total driving distance from Melbourne, FL to Orlando, FL is 71 miles or 114 kilometers.

What are the two airports in Melbourne?

There are four airports in and around Melbourne: Melbourne International Airport, Avalon Airport, Essendon Airport and Moorabbin Airport. When you arrive in Melbourne or return home, you will land at either Melbourne Airport or Avalon Airport.

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How far is Orlando Airport to Melbourne Florida?

Yes, the driving distance between Orlando Airport (MCO) to Melbourne Airport (MLB) is 62 miles. It takes approximately 1h 6m to drive from Orlando Airport (MCO) to Melbourne Airport (MLB).

How long does it take to get from Melbourne to Orlando?

Flight time from Melbourne to Orlando is 20 hours 50 minutes.

How far is Disney from Melbourne FL?

The distance between Melbourne and Walt Disney World is 64 miles. The road distance is 70.8 miles.

Is Melbourne Beach FL safe?

According to NeighborhoodScout’s analysis of FBI crime statistics, Melbourne Beach is safer than 61% of the cities and towns in the US of all population sizes. In Florida, only on the order of 16% of the communities have a lower crime rate than Melbourne Beach.

How can I get from Melbourne to Orlando?

There are 3 ways to get from Orlando to Melbourne Beach by bus, car or shuttle

  1. Take the bus from Orlando to Ft Pierce “Greyhound”
  2. Take the bus from Ft Pierce to Melbourne “Greyhound”

What is the cost of living in Melbourne FL?

Melbourne cost of living is 90.9

COST OF LIVING Melbourne Florida
Housing 84.3 102.6
Median Home Cost $194,900 $237,100
Utilities 97.3 101.3
Transportation 83.4 112.6

How far is Melbourne from Miami?

The total driving distance from Miami, FL to Melbourne, FL is 174 miles or 280 kilometers.

What is Melbourne Beach known for?

The quintessential beach town of Melbourne Beach, Florida is situated on the barrier island just across the Indian River from Palm Bay. You’ll also find all the beach fun you’d expect as well, including swimming, surfing, fishing and evening beach strolls.

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Which Melbourne Airport is better?

Is Melbourne airport better than Moorabbin and Avalon airports? Melbourne airport is better to fly into Melbourne City in Australia, because it has more facilities, more airlines and transfer journey times are shorter.

Can I travel to the airport Melbourne?

Yes. There are no restrictions on travel between regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne. You can travel between regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne for any reason.

Is Melbourne Airport the same as Tullamarine?

Melbourne Airport (IATA: MEL, ICAO: YMML), colloquially known as Tullamarine Airport, is the primary airport serving the city of Melbourne, and the second busiest airport in Australia. The airport comprises four terminals: one international terminal, two domestic terminals and one budget domestic terminal.

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