Question: How To Get From Denver Airport To Colorado Springs?

Is there a shuttle from DIA to Colorado Springs?

From Denver to Colorado Springs by Shuttle

If you are coming from DIA and don’t need a car in Colorado Springs, then one of the most convenient options is to take the Colorado Springs shuttle service offered by Groome Transportation. The company runs around 20 daily shuttles between Denver and Colorado Springs.

How do I get from Denver airport to Colorado Springs?

Colorado Springs to Denver Airport (DEN) bus services, operated by Colorado Springs Shuttle, depart from The Antlers; S. Cascade station. Bus or fly from Colorado Springs to Denver Airport (DEN)? The best way to get from Colorado Springs to Denver Airport (DEN) is to bus which takes 1h 55m and costs $40 – $60.

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Is there a train from Denver airport to Colorado Springs?

There are a few different transportation companies that offer direct routes from D.I.A. to Colorado Springs. Add in $10.50 for the trip on the Denver Airport Train.

How much is a shuttle from Colorado Springs to Denver Airport?

Denver International Airport (DIA)

Adult Senior (65+)
Colorado Springs $50.00 $45.00
Monument Park-n-Ride $40.00 $36.00
Castle Rock; Days Inn $30.00 $27.00

How much would an uber cost from Denver to Colorado Springs?

Initial charge $1.60
Metered fare $124.53
Safe Ride Fee $3.30
Total $129.43

How much is a taxi from Denver airport to Colorado Springs?

TaxiFareFinder’s fare estimates are known to be the most accurate of any taxi website. Find out why. Per Colorado Springs, CO rates$190.60 incl.

Approximate Breakdown.

Initial Fare $2.50
Estimated Taxi Fare $190.60

Should I visit Denver or Colorado Springs?

If you want things to do in the city like museums and restaurants Denver wins. If your more into the outdoors and seeing natural wonders Colorado Springs will win just depends on what you are interested in. Much depends on what you are looking for. A more urban look, or something more rural, nature, tranquility.

Does Amtrak go to Colorado Springs?

Amtrak can get you to Colorado Springs from 74 cities, including Boston.

What is there to do between Denver and Colorado Springs?

Denver to Colorado Springs Road Trip

  • Denver, Colorado, United States. Start in the Mile High City!
  • Carbon Beverage Cafe & Habit Doughnuts. Denver, CO.
  • The Wildlife Experience.
  • The Old Stone Church Restaurant.
  • Western Museum of Mining and Industry.
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States.
  • Pioneers Museum.
  • The Mining Exchange, A Wyndham Grand Hotel & Spa.
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What is the cheapest month to fly to Colorado?

High season is considered to be November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Colorado is August.

What airlines fly direct to Colorado Springs?

Direct from United States

United flights Delta flights
American Airlines flights Frontier Airlines flights

What airport do you fly into to go to Colorado Springs?

Colorado Springs is served by Colorado Springs Airport, also commonly referred to as Colorado Springs. The airport code is COS.

Is it cheaper to fly into Denver or Colorado Springs?

Some people think that’s because Colorado Springs has higher priced flights. In comparison to Denver, ticket prices for domestic flights at the Colorado Springs Airport can be anywhere from $25 to $150 more expensive.

Is there public transportation from Colorado Springs to Denver?

East to west, north to south, Bustang carries commuters to and from Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Glenwood Springs and more. This comfortable transportation alternative connects the major corridors in Colorado during peak commuter hours, Monday through Friday. See our map for more details.

Does Southwest fly into Colorado Springs?

Southwest Airlines flies to Colorado Springs, which makes planning your next Rocky Mountain getaway a snap.

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