Question: What Is The Closest Airport To Fort Leonard Wood Missouri?

What is the closest major airport to Fort Leonard Wood Missouri?

The nearest airport to Fort Leonard Wood is Fort Leonard Wood (TBN) Airport which is 2.2 miles away. Other nearby airports include Springfield (SGF) (75.7 miles), Columbia (COU) (77.3 miles), St. Louis (STL) (121.5 miles) and Fayetteville (XNA) (154.9 miles).

What airport do you fly into for Fort Leonard Wood?

Robert Regional Airport (TBN) – On Fort Leonard Wood.

How far is St Louis Airport from Fort Leonard Wood?

Louis Airport (STL) to Fort Leonard Wood is 142 miles. It takes approximately 2h 31m to drive from St. Louis Airport (STL) to Fort Leonard Wood.

Can you fly into Fort Leonard Wood?

Continue reading below for all you need to know about flying into Fort Leonard Wood, including what to pack, installation etiquette, and more. Currently, we offer 1-2 daily round trip flights to and from St. Louis on Contour Airlines.

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How many soldiers are stationed at Fort Leonard Wood?

Population at the installation consists of nearly 6,000 active duty; 12,000 plus family members; and 3,000 civilians.

What is the main airport in Missouri?


City served FAA Airport name
Joplin JLN Joplin Regional Airport
Kansas City MCI Kansas City International Airport (originally Mid-Continent International Airport)
Springfield SGF Springfield–Branson National Airport
St. Louis STL St. Louis Lambert International Airport

How much snow does Fort Leonard Wood get?

Fort Leonard Wood averages 17 inches of snow per year.

Can civilians visit Fort Leonard Wood?

Persons aged 18 years and older must present a state or federally issued picture identification. Persons not possessing a DoD issued ID card must have a valid reason to access Fort Leonard Wood, must undergo a criminal history background screening, and be issued a FLW pass.

What is Fort Leonard Wood known for?

Fort Leonard Wood is a U.S. Army training installation located in the Missouri Ozarks. Originally intended to train infantry troops, in 1941 it became an engineer training post with the creation of the Engineer Replacement Training Center. During World War II Italian and German POWs were interned at the fort.

What is the closest city to Fort Leonard Wood?

Fort Leonard Wood is located in South Central Missouri and adjacent to the towns of St. Robert and Waynesville, Missouri in Pulaski County. St. Louis is 130 miles to the East and Springfield is 80 miles to the west on I-44.

How long is Army basic training Fort Leonard Wood?

Basic Combat Training

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This 10-week, gender integrated training produces values-based, disciplined Soldiers, who are trained in basic skills, Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills.

How far is St Louis to Fort Leonard Wood?

Yes, the driving distance between St Louis to Fort Leonard Wood is 141 miles.

What airlines fly to Springfield Missouri?

Which airlines fly to Springfield? In general from United States, Allegiant Air, American Airlines and British Airways fly the most to Springfield. The most popular route is from the United States, and Allegiant Air flies this route the most.

How far is Fort Leonard Wood from Springfield Missouri?

The distance between Springfield and Fort Leonard Wood is 72 miles.

What airline flies to Missouri?

Direct from United States

Southwest Airlines flights Alaska Airlines flights Cape Air flights
American Airlines flights Frontier Airlines flights OneJet flights
Delta flights Spirit Airlines flights
United flights AirChoiceOne flights

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