Question: Where To Park At Indianapolis Airport?

How much does it cost to park at Indianapolis Airport?

Long term Indianapolis Airport parking has a starting rate of $20/day for the Terminal Garage parking, $9/day for Economy Lot, $14/day for Park & Walk, and $27/day for Valet parking.

Where is park and walk at Indianapolis Airport?

The Park & Walk lot is perfect for passengers looking to park close and walk to the terminal. This lot is approximately an 8-9 minute walk along a lighted path to the terminal. No shuttle service is available from this lot to the terminal.

Can you leave your car at Indianapolis Airport?

Daily parking is available in the Terminal Garage at a rate of $2 per half hour or $20 per day maximum. Pay for your parking with a credit card at the pay station inside the Terminal Garage, Ground Transportation Center, or at any pay station when exiting the lot. Cash payments are accepted at the cashier booths.

How much is hourly parking at Indianapolis Airport?

Hourly Parking is $2 per half hour with a $48-per-day cap in place to ensure high turnover and prevent use by departing passengers, generating continuously available space in a convenient location on the third floor of the Terminal Garage.

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How early should I arrive at the Indianapolis airport?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recommends arriving to the airport two hours in advance of your flight departure time for domestic travel and three hours for international flights.

How much is short term parking at Indianapolis Airport?

Daily parking rate for short term parking is $2 per half hour or $18 per day maximum. For the long term parking lots, the Economy Parking Lot costs $9 per day, and for the Park & Walk parking costs $14 per day. Valet Parking costs $25 per day.

How many terminals does Indianapolis airport have?

Getting Around the Airport. Indianapolis Airport has one main terminal referred to as ‘Midfield Terminal‘ with Concourses A and B and three levels.

How do I get to the Indianapolis airport?

  1. Go to I-65 South.
  2. Take I-465 South via exit 123 toward Indianapolis International Airport.
  3. Take I-70 West toward St. Louis via exit 9B.
  4. Take exit 68 toward Indianapolis International Airport and merge onto Col. H.
  5. Follow the appropriate signs for departures or arrivals (right lane) or parking (left lane)

How many international airports are in Indiana?

There are two international airports in Indiana.

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