Quick Answer: Montego Bay Airport To Grand Bahia Principe?

What airport is closest to Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica?

Sangster International airport (MBJ) is located 64km far from Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica hotel.

How far is Bahia Principe Runaway Bay from the airport?

Runaway Bay is situated approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes from Montego Bay Airport. Book Luxury Bahia Principe Runaway Bay Excursions Here.

How far is Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica from Kingston airport?

The distance between Kingston Airport (KIN) and Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica – All Inclusive, Runaway Bay is 84 km. The road distance is 118.9 km.

How far is Montego Bay from airport?

Distance between Montego Bay and Montego Bay Airport (3,48 km.)

What is the biggest resort in Jamaica?

Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa, Montego Bay

Home of the Sugar Mill Falls Water Park – the largest in Jamaica – this all-inclusive is a great option for families traveling with children.

Is Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica adults only?

The 525-room Luxury Bahia Principe Runaway Bay is an upscale, adultsonly all-inclusive along a narrow beach in northern Jamaica.

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How far is Runaway Bay from Ocho Rios?

The total straight line distance between Ocho Rios and Runaway Bay is 23 KM (kilometers) and 452.66 meters. The miles based distance from Ocho Rios to Runaway Bay is 14.6 miles.

How far is Runaway Bay from Kingston airport?

The distance between Kingston Airport (KIN) and Runaway Bay is 83 km.

Is there Uber in Montego Bay Jamaica?

4 answers. Hi: No, we do not have Ubers in Jamaica but arrangements can be made with the Jamaica Tours Limited (JTL) for a private transfer from the Montego Bay Airport to the hotel.

Does breathless Montego Bay have a beach?

James or Wild Orchid for dinner and entertainment, as guests of Breathless have access to all facilities at those two resorts. Unfortunately, the beach is also over there, so guests will have to take the skywalk bridge to reach it.

What airlines fly to Montego Bay Jamaica?

Direct from United States

American Airlines flights United flights
Delta flights jetBlue flights
Southwest Airlines flights Spirit Airlines flights

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