Quick Answer: What Does Mci Stand For Airport?

Who owns MCI?

The Kansas City Aviation Department owns and operates Kansas City International Airport and Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport.

Are there two airports in Kansas City?

According to the Kansas City Star, the KC area might one day be home to two airports: Kansas City International (MCI), on the Missouri side; and a brand new airport in Johnson County on the Kansas side.

How many gates does MCI have?

The original “three-horseshoe” airport opened in 1972 with gates numbered to 90 but never used nearly that many. Terminal A was closed in 2014. The city currently leases 31 gates to carriers at KCI.

How early should I get to MCI?

Airlines recommend that you complete the check-in process at least two hours before you departure time. To accomplish this, you may need to arrive at ticket counters/kiosks even earlier in case of long lines.

Are KCI and MCI the same airport?

KCI was originally called Mid-Continent International Airport, or MCI, and the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) adopted MCI as the airport’s designator code. Municipal was renamed Kansas City Downtown Airport, and later Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport.

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Are Kansas City MO and Kansas City KS the same city?

Today Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri, remain two separately incorporated cities but together, along with a number of other cities and suburbs, as part of the Kansas City Metropolitan area. 1961 map of the Greater Kansas City area showing the city’s expansion outward from the Missouri and Kansas rivers.

Is Kansas City building a new airport?

MIAMI – The new terminal of the Kansas City International Airport (MCI), the largest single infrastructure project in the city’s history, will open in 2023. By Summer, the parking garage construction and new terminal precast and roofing had already started.

Why is it called Kansas City?

Kansas City, Mo., was incorporated in 1853, eight years before Kansas became the 34th state. The Missouri city took its name from the Kansas River — which was inspired by the Kanza People, Native Americans of the Kaw Nation — and was originally called the City of Kansas. It became Kansas City in 1889.

What airlines are at MCI?

  • Air Canada. Terminal: C. Website: https://www.aircanada.com/ca/en/aco/home.html#/
  • Alaska Airlines. Terminal: C. Website: http://www.alaskaair.com/
  • Allegiant Airlines. Terminal: B.
  • American Airlines. Terminal: C.
  • Apple Vacations. Terminal: C.
  • Delta Air Lines. Terminal: B.
  • Frontier Airlines. Terminal: C.
  • Southwest Airlines. Terminal: B.

Does MCI have TSA PreCheck?

MCI has TSA PreCheck lanes at all 4 security checkpoints.

What terminal at MCI is Southwest?

Terminal B at Kansas City Airport is served by Allegiant, Delta, and Southwest.

How busy is Kansas City Airport?

Despite the disruption caused by construction, KCI reported its third busiest year in 2019. Almost 11.8 million passengers traveled through the airport last year, a 0.5% downtick from 2018. The study, conducted by Finance Buzz, is based on a dozen metrics, including average TSA wait times and number of airport gates.

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How much time should I allow before my flight?

While the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recommends that you get to the airport 2 hours prior to the departure time for a domestic flight and 3 hours before for an international flight, several factors must be taken into account when deciding your arrival time at the airport before a flight.

Is KC airport big?

Kansas City International Airport (IATA: MCI, ICAO: KMCI, FAA LID: MCI) (originally Mid-Continent International Airport) is a public airport 15 miles (24 km) northwest of Downtown Kansas City in Platte County, Missouri. The airport covers 10,680 acres (4,320 ha) and has three runways.

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