Readers ask: How To Access Airport Time Capsule Hard Drive?

How do I access my AirPort Time Capsule hard drive on Windows 10?

Right-click your wireless connection in your Task Tray, or your Wireless Connection under Network Connections, and select View Available Wireless Connections. Select your Time Capsule wireless network from the list and press Connect. Enter the wireless password you set up.

Can I access my AirPort Time Capsule remotely?

Access your files remotely on a USB drive plugged into your AirPort Extreme or Time Capsule. Now when you are outside of your network you’ll be able to see your AirPort in the sidebar of Finder as if you were still on your local network.

How do I use my time capsule as a hard drive only?

How to configure a Time Capsule as an ethernet-only storage

  1. Plug your ethernet cable between the LAN port and your Mac.
  2. Launch AirPort Utility on your Mac.
  3. If the Time Capsule doesn’t appear in the graphic layout or when you click Other Wi-Fi Devices in the upper left, perform a factory reset. (See Apple’s reset FAQ.)
  4. Select the Time Capsule and click Edit.
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Can I connect my time capsule directly to my computer?

Computers using AirPort or other compatible wireless cards or adapters can connect to the Internet through your Time Capsule. Computers connected to the Time Capsule Ethernet ports can also access the network and connect to the Internet.

Can you backup a PC to Time Capsule?

Despite popular belief that Apple and Microsoft devices don’t play well together, PCs can retrieve files from your AirPort Time Capsule. If you run your home Wi-Fi network through your Time Capsule, any Wi-Fi device, including your PC, can share files using the Time Machine as the middleman for uploads and downloads.

How do I retrieve files from time capsule?

If you store files in your Time Capsule, open Finder and you will see the Time Capsule in the sidebar, under “Shared”. Select it and you will see what’s stored. Use the Time Machine application in your Applications folder. Then: Please visit Pondini’s Time Machine FAQ for help with all things Time Machine.

How do I use my Apple AirPort Time Capsule as a WiFi extender?


  1. Reset your Time Capsule if needed to start from scratch.
  2. Power up the Time Capsule.
  3. Plug an Ethernet cable from your switch into one of the many Ethernet ports on the Time Capsule.
  4. Open AirPort Utility and set up a standard WiFi Network.
  5. Update and let the Time Capsule restart.

How do I access my Time Capsule from MAC?

First, the Time Capsule’s drive has to set to allow file sharing.

  1. Launch Applications > Utilities > AirPort Utility.
  2. Select your Time Capsule and click Edit.
  3. In the Disks tab, make sure Enable File Sharing is checked. If it isn’t, check that box and then click Update, which restarts the base station.
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Can I use Time Capsule to extend my wireless network?

To extend a wireless network, your Time Capsule must be within adequate reach of your current wireless router. The TC can only wirelessly extend a signal that has been created by another Apple AirPort routeran AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme or another AirPort Time Capsule.

Can you use Time Capsule without Internet?

Yes, absolutely. You can connect the Time Capsule via ethernet to the rest of the network via its WAN port, and it will be available to any computer that connects to the network, whether that Mac is using Wi-Fi or not. In AirPort Utility, you can disable a base station offering Wi-Fi service.

Is Time Capsule a good router?

The Airport Capsule provided a robust router wifi system and gave folks like yourself a way to store and backup all of your precious files and photos. After some troubleshooting, we discovered the AirPort was the device slowing down Internet speeds.

Does Apple still support time capsule?

Though this change includes the AirPort Express and AirPort Extreme, we are focusing on the AirPort Time Capsule because many of our clients use it as a backup storage device. With Apple no longer selling the device, consumers are left with a functional device that does not keep pace with networking technology.

How do I connect my time capsule to my network?

Plug the ethernet cable into the back of the Time Capsule. Plug the other end into the DSL or cable modem provided by your Internet Service Provider. This connects the Time Capsule directly to your Internet connection and allows the Time Capsule to share your Internet connection wirelessly with your devices.

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How do I access files on my Time Capsule from Windows?

To map a drive on another Windows computer, follow these instructions:

  1. From the Airport Utility, select the Airport Icon and the Time Capsule tab.
  2. Change the Time Capsule name to something that makes sense, or follow your network standards.
  3. Now move to the Disks Icon and the File Sharing tab.

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