Readers ask: What Is Bna Airport?

What does BNA airport stand for?

The airport code is BNA, which stands for Berry Field Nashville in honor of Col. Harry S. Berry, administrator of the original airport project in the 1930s. Location. The Nashville International Airport is located at One Terminal Drive, Nashville, TN 37214 – 8 miles east of downtown Nashville.

Are there two airports in Nashville?

Tennessee has five commercial airports spread throughout the state, ranging from the bustling Nashville International Airport to the tiny Tri-Cities Airport. All five are spread out throughout the state, making it easy to get to your final destination, no matter where it is.

What is there to do at Nashville Airport?

Things to do at the Nashville Airport

  • Before you enter security, check out the Arts in the Airport exhibits.
  • If it’s a sunny day, look for the mirrors on the walls and ceilings reflecting a rainbow of colors.
  • After exiting security go to the Shoe Shine shop.
  • If you’re hungry, stop at Swett’s between C-4 and C-7 for some amazing Southern cooking.
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What airlines are at BNA?

Largest Airlines at BNA (August 2019 – July 2020)

Rank Airline Share
1 Southwest Airlines 53.22%
2 Delta Air Lines 10.96%
3 American Airlines 10.69%
4 United Airlines 4.14%

Is Nashville airport easy to navigate?

Navigating security at the Nashville International Airport is simple and painless – if you’re prepared that is. You can check the wait times of the security lines by visiting the airports website here. Nashville airport is now equipped with x-ray machines that help expedite lines and get you through security quickly.

Does BNA have TSA Precheck?

Passengers are able to use one of the four TSA Pre✓™ lanes at BNA where they will undergo expedited screening which includes being able to leave their shoes, light outerwear and belt on, keep their laptop in its case and their 3-1-1 compliant liquids/gels bag in a carry-on.

Which airport is closer to Gatlinburg?

The closest airport to Gatlinburg, TN, is McGhee Tyson, located 12 miles south of Knoxville, just over a 40-mile drive from Gatlinburg, with a few different ways to get there, depending on if you want to hit Pigeon Forge first, and any scenic options you may chose to take on the way in.

What is the biggest airport in Tennessee?

The biggest international airport in Tennessee is Nashville International with passenger count 8017347 and smallest airport is McKellar-Sipes Regional with passenger count is 5706.

How much is an uber from Nashville airport to downtown Nashville?

A trip from downtown Nashville to the airport now costs $16 with Uber, compared to about $24 in a traditional taxi.

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What to do in Nashville if you only have a few hours?

Spending Only 1 Day in Nashville? Here’s What You Can‘t Miss

  • Visit the Church of Country Music.
  • Dine on the Finest Nashville Cuisine.
  • See the Parthenon Without Leaving the Country.
  • Take a Stroll Down Printer’s Alley.
  • A Lesson in Civil Warfare.
  • Nashville’s Isn’t Called the Music City for No Reason.
  • Ride a Horse, Save a Cowboy.
  • Drink Wine at the Historic Belle Meade Plantation.

What is near Nashville Airport?

Major cities near BNA

  • 6 miles to Nashville, TN.
  • 156 miles to Louisville, KY.
  • 180 miles to Birmingham, AL.
  • 182 miles to Lexington-Fayette, KY.
  • 200 miles to Memphis, TN.
  • 208 miles to Atlanta, GA.
  • 239 miles to Cincinnati, OH.
  • 253 miles to Indianapolis, IN.

How early do I need to be at the airport for a flight?

Check-In Times at U.S. Airports

For most airports, you must be checked in at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time (airports requiring additional time are listed here, Go to footer note) Additionally, you’re required to be at the gate and ready to board 15 minutes before scheduled departure.

Does Southwest fly into Nashville?

Regardless of whether you choose to explore Nashville or some of the region’s unique natural wonders, you can get wherever you’d like to be with ease thanks to Southwest Airlines. Find affordable flights into Nashville that work with your schedule and book your next adventure today.

Is Nashville airport open after tornado?

Nashville International Airport is open after the tornado.

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