Readers ask: Where Is The Highest Altitude Airport In The World?

Where is the highest airport in the world located?

Daocheng Yading Airport, China

Daocheng Yading Airport, which opened in September 2013, is the highest-altitude airport in the world. It is located at an elevation of 4,411m. The airport serves Doacheng County in the Garzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province.

What is the lowest airport in the world?

The Dead Sea, in Israel, is the lowest point on the surface of Earth. Consequently, Bar Yehuda Airfield, located right on its shore, at 1,240 feet (378 meters) below sea level, is the world’s lowest airport.

Which is the highest altitude airport in India?

Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport
Operator Airports Authority of India
Serves Leh
Location Leh, Ladakh, India
Elevation AMSL 3,256 m / 10,682 ft

What is the highest airport in Europe?

Samedan Airport

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Samedan Airport Flughafen Engadin
Airport type Public and military
Serves St. Moritz, Switzerland
Location Samedan
Elevation AMSL 1,707 m / 5,600 ft

Which is most beautiful airport in the world?

The Most Beautiful Airports In The World

  • Singapore Changi Airport. ROSLAN RAHMAN via Getty Images.
  • Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport.
  • Malvinas Argentinas Ushuaia International Airport.
  • Marrakesh Menara Airport.
  • Beijing Daxing International Airport.
  • Incheon International Airport.
  • Denver International Airport.
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

What is the longest runway in the world?

And the longest runway in the world? Qamdo Bamda Airport in China claims the title of longest publicly used paved runway in the world, at 5,500 metres (18,045 ft). It is a necessary feature given the airport’s high altitude (4,400 metres above sea level).

What are the worst airlines to fly?

American Airlines, once the gold standard for customer service in the airline industry, is the worst airline of 2020, according to the research. The AQR ranks airlines based on data reported to the government, including mishandled baggage, consumer complaints, on-time performance and involuntary denied boardings.

Which is the number 1 airport in the world?

And in what will come as a surprise to virtually no one, Singapore Changi Airport has for the eighth year in a row been crowned the “World’s Best Airport.” Tokyo Haneda Airport earned second place and Doha’s Hamad International Airport rose to the number three spot.

Which is the cleanest airport in the world?

Tokyo Haneda Airport triumphed at the 2020 World Airport Awards, being voted the World’s Cleanest Airport, ahead of Incheon International Airport (2nd) and Singapore Changi Airport (3rd). Tokyo Haneda Airport is named the World’s Cleanest Airport in the 2020 World Airport Awards.

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Which is the most dangerous airport in India?


  • Patna Airport: Runway length shorter than prescribed.
  • Jammu Airport: Runway length shorter than prescribed.
  • Shimla Airport: Runway length the biggest issue.
  • Mangalore Airport: Tabletop runway.
  • Calicut (Kozhikode) Airport: Tabletop runway.
  • Kullu Airport: Short runway located in a deep valley.

Which is the No 1 airport in India?

1) Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport: Ranked at No. 50 all over the world, Delhi airport has been voted as India’s best airport. Last year, Delhi was at 59th spot. 2) Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport: Two notches behind Delhi is Mumbai airport (52nd spot).

Which is the cleanest airport in India?

The Madurai airport has been adjudged the cleanest and safest airport in the country among the airports, which handled 1.5 million to 5 million passengers for the Swachhta Pakhwada Awards 2019.

Which is the highest airstrip in the world?

One of the highest advanced landing grounds at an altitude of over 16,800 feet, DBO airstrip can be used for landing aircraft like the AN-32 and the C-130J Super Hercules.

Where is the highest altitude airport in the US?

The Leadville Airport is North America’s highest public use airport at an altitude of 9,934 feet. Located in central Colorado, 2 miles southwest of the city of Leadville, the airport provides a unique role to the area and communities of Lake and Summit Counties, linking them to the National Air Transportation System.

What is the biggest airport in Europe 2019?

8. London Heathrow. British airport is the largest airport in Europe.

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