Where Is Fort Myers Airport?

Is Southwest Florida International Airport the same as Fort Myers airport?

Southwest Florida International Airport (IATA: RSW, ICAO: KRSW, LID: RSW), also known as Fort Myers Airport, is an airport serving Southwest Florida region in USA. Fort Myers Airport has one runway and a single terminal.

What does RSW airport stand for?

What does RSW mean, anyway? It is airport code for Regional Southwest. The airport’s name was Southwest Florida International Airport until its 10th birthday, in 1993. Swapping regional for international reflected its growing service to and from Canada.

Are there two airports in Fort Myers?

Southwest Florida International Airport, located right in Fort Myers, and Punta Gorda Airport, situated just outside the city, offer a selection of airlines to choose from, flying in from both domestic and international locations.

What major city is Fort Myers Florida near?

Town mi. km.
Naples 20.64 33.22
Cape Coral 21.40 34.44
Saint James City 25.23 40.6
Sanibel 25.69 41.34
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How far is Naples from Fort Myers?

The total driving distance from Fort Myers, FL to Naples, FL is 43 miles or 69 kilometers.

How far is Fort Myers from Tampa Airport?

The distance between Tampa Airport (TPA) and Fort Myers is 103 miles.

Is Fort Myers safe?

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Fort Myers was ranked among the safest cities in Florida according to a study by Safehome, a website which uses FBI crime statistics to rank safety in U.S. cities.

Is it expensive to live in Fort Myers Florida?

Cost of Living in Fort Myers, Florida by Expense Category

Fort Myers’s housing expenses are 15% lower than the national average and the utility prices are 12% lower than the national average. Fort Myers has grocery prices that are 5% higher than the national average.

Is Fort Myers a good place to live?

Fort Myers is one of the most desirable places on Florida’s Gulf Coast to live, work, and play,” says Tracey Tucker of Montgomery Real Estate. “The city has a relaxed atmosphere, offers a reasonable cost of living, and is characterized by a diverse range of college students, young families, and retirees.”

How far is Punta Gorda from Fort Myers?

The total driving distance from Fort Myers, FL to Punta Gorda, FL is 24 miles or 39 kilometers.

What airlines fly into Fort Myers?

Airlines Serving Southwest Florida International Airport

Airline Code Concourse
American Airlines 800-433-7300 AA D
Delta Air Lines/ Delta Connection 800-221-1212 DL C
Frontier Airlines 801-401-9000 F9 B
JetBlue Airways 800-538-2583 B6 D

How far is Miami to Fort Myers?

The distance between Miami and Fort Myers is 118 miles. The road distance is 154.5 miles.

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How far is Tampa from Fort Myers?

Distance between Tampa and Fort Myers is 160 kilometers (99 miles). Driving distance from Tampa to Fort Myers is 212 kilometers (132 miles).

How far is Sanibel Island from Fort Myers?

How far is it from Fort Myers Beach to Sanibel Island? The distance between Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel Island is 6 miles. The road distance is 11.5 miles.

What towns are close to Fort Myers Florida?

If you prefer something away from the heart of the city, take a look at our list of the top 10 surrounding suburbs.

  1. Naples. Population: 22,088.
  2. Sanibel. Population: 7,402.
  3. Bonita Springs. Population: 57,350.
  4. Estero. Population: 33,474.
  5. Cape Coral. Population: 189,343.
  6. Iona. Population: 15,369.
  7. Fort Myers Beach.
  8. McGregor.

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