Federal Focus

GAAC will arm members with the latest information about federal GA airport issues.  GAAC’s federal advocacy staff monitors issues affecting GA airports, works with members to formulate a legislative platform, and will organize visits to the FAA and Capitol Hill to help us communicate our unified message.

GAAC members will have access to a set of tools to help deliver our message to the right people at the right time – in Washington and at home. For interested members, we will also host training sessions for those who have never before lobbied Congress or the Administration in Washington or at home.

Federal Issues

To learn more about the issues of importance to GAAC, visit our Issues page.

Federal Committee

The Federal Committee is made up of interested members that meet regularly to discuss federal issues that affect GA airports. In addition to the issues already established as priorities for GAAC on our 2013 Platform, this Committee will identify emerging issues, and work with GAAC’s federal advocacy staff to develop strategies to get involved and adequately respond. The Committee will share this information with all GAAC members.

We are building this committee and would appreciate your participation.  If you are interested in joining GAAC’s Federal Committee, please contact Jennifer Imo at [email protected] or 202.454.3947.

Committee Members

Rick Cloutier, C.M.
Concord Regional Airport

Terry Lloyd
Kissimmee Gateway Airport

Scott Malta
Castle Airport

Colin McKee, A.A.E., IACE
Johnson County Airport Commission

Ken Paskar
New York Aviation Management Association

Chris Platé
Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport

Ken Wiegand
McKinney Airport Development Corporation