Joining GAAC is easy. To join GAAC, click on the “Join GAAC” button in the upper right corner of this page, or
go to 
Your membership fee covers one year, beginning on the date that you sign up.

How Much Does It Cost To Join GAAC?

For Airports and Airport Managers:

Airport Size

Contribution Level

Less than 30 aircraft


31-100 aircraft


101-200 aircraft


201 or more aircraft


For other types of members who are not affiliated with an airport

State Association/DOT


Individual Member

$100 (this level not available for airport managers)

Student Member


Associate Member
(<100 employees)


Associate Member
(>100 employees)


Special Circumstances

Multiple Airports: If you are registering for multiple airports, you should enroll each as a member separately, with separate contact information. This will allow us to communicate directly with the airport manager or whomever you designate as our point of contact.

Hardship Exemption: Interested parties who are unable to pay the full fee in 2012-2013 due to economic hardship can petition the Executive Committee for a hardship exemption. In order to apply, please submit a petition to Jennifer Imo, the GAAC Executive Director. The petition need only be a paragraph to address the party’s inability to pay based on financial or other circumstances, and email submissions are acceptable. Even if you are submitting for a hardship exemption, you are encouraged to pay what you can. Members who join under the hardship exemption will be reassessed by the Executive Committee after one year, and the process is based on an honor system—no documentation of your financial circumstances will be required. For more information about the hardship exemption, or to apply, please contact Jennifer Imo at 202.454.3947 or [email protected]