Atlanta Airport Car Rental Companies?

What rental car companies are in Atlanta airport?

There are 13 rental car providers located at the airport:

  • ACE Rent a Car (404) 209-1222.
  • Alamo (833) 315-5893.
  • Avis (404) 763-6333.
  • Budget (404) 530-3000.
  • Dollar (866) 434-2226.
  • Enterprise (404) 763-5220.
  • Hertz (404) 530-2925.
  • National (800) 227-7368.

What is the cheapest company to rent a car from?

In general, prices directly from low-end renters such as Alamo, Payless, and Thrifty were always less expensive than the top-name rental companies, usually with a difference of $100 or more per week. Pros: The obvious benefit is you’re paying a lot less.

Why are car rentals so expensive in Atlanta?

Demand is way down, supply seems to be down (reports of companies selling cars have been prevalent). And the overhead (rental lots rent/expenses, etc) doesn’t drop with less cars, so they have to raise rates with significantly less demand.

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How do I get to the Atlanta airport car rental center?

The center is located at 2200 Rental Car Center Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30337. To access the center from the Airport, walk out of the West end of the terminal under the covered walkway. Take the escalator up to the SkyTrain station and take the train to the Rental Car Center.

Are airport car rentals cheaper?

Rental companies often price their vehicles in peculiar ways, too. For example, cars rented at the airport are almost always more expensive because of added taxes and fees. Rent at an off-airport location and you could save 20 percent or more.

Can you rent a car at 19 in Atlanta?

Student Drivers

Renting a car at the age of 18 is possible with Car Rental Express. Yes, you can rent a car at 18.

What’s cheaper Hertz or Enterprise?

Enterprise Rent A Car appears to be the low cost provider – $20 “cheaper” per day, but when you look at the total cost of the solution and value of it, it’s actually more expensive, an inconvenience, and provides less value than Hertz!

Is it cheaper to rent a car online or in person?

Rental cars are almost universally more expensive when you rent them from an airport location. Often, that car is bigger and costs more. If you rent online, you can compare cars and rates and then demand the car you pre-ordered, rather than be told the least-expensive option isn’t available.

What is the easiest car rental company?

Best Car Rental

  • National. 85.1% “Great service at National and choices of cars.”
  • Alamo. 84.4% “Alamo made it all so easy.
  • Enterprise. 80.5% “Everything was so easy and smooth and very friendly service thanks Enterprise!”
  • Sixt. 76.7% “Beyond friendly staff.
  • Dollar. 75.8% “Dollar is easy to deal with”
  • Avis. 74.8%
  • Thrifty. 73.9%
  • Budget. 70.8%
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How much is a rental car in Atlanta?

Cheap car rentals in Atlanta

$35/day Economy
$35/day Standard
$36/day Full-size
$45/day Minivan
$58/day Full-size SUV

Do I need a rental car in Atlanta?

You may only need the car for 1 or 2 days, so renting locally can save some parking fees and allow you to pay for the car only when you are using it. Local rental car offices do not have as many cars and can sell out, so book in advance to make sure the vehicle you want is available.

Do most car insurance cover rental cars?

Generally, coverage from your primary auto insurance will extend to a rental vehicle. Likewise, collision coverage on your regular policy would pay for accident-related damages to the rental car you’re driving.

How much is airport shuttle in Atlanta?

Atlanta Airport Shuttle from $16.50 | Ground Transportation Options.

Does Avis accept debit cards?

Yes, most U.S. Avis locations accept debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo as credit identification at the time of rental if you are at least 25.

How do you get around Atlanta airport?

The Plane Train, located on Level 0, is one of the easiest ways to get around ATL, operating 24 hours a day and departing every 2 minutes. Take an escalator or elevator down to the lower level where the Plane Train will be signposted.

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