FAQ: Airport Near Rehoboth Beach?

How far is Baltimore from Rehoboth Beach?

Yes, the driving distance between Baltimore to Rehoboth Beach is 111 miles. It takes approximately 2h 31m to drive from Baltimore to Rehoboth Beach.

How far is Atlantic City from Rehoboth Beach?

The distance between Rehoboth Beach and Atlantic City is 57 miles.

How far is Dewey Beach from Rehoboth Beach?

The distance between Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach is 2 miles.

How far is Rehoboth Beach from Cape May?

The distance between Cape May and Rehoboth Beach is 17 miles.

How do you get to Rehoboth Beach from DC?

You can take the bus to the beach

BestBus, best known for its DC to New York route, operates a weekend bus from Vienna, Dupont Circle, and Union Station out to Rehoboth and Dewey Beach in Delaware. It’s the best transit option to the ocean I have found so far.

How far is Bethany Beach from Baltimore?

The distance between Baltimore and Bethany Beach is 99 miles.

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Is Rehoboth Beach better than Ocean City?

Ocean City has a larger selection of accommodations, more amusements, wider beaches, and longer boardwalk, etc. It’s a much bigger resort area with block after block of hotels & condos. Rehoboth has just a few hotels, more traditional cottages and vacation rentals, some just a short walk from the ocean.

What is the nicest beach in Delaware?

9 Top-Rated Beaches in Delaware

  1. Rehoboth Beach. Benches on the boardwalk, Rehoboth Beach.
  2. Bethany Beach. Bethany Beach.
  3. Cape Henlopen State Park. Cape Henlopen State Park.
  4. Lewes Beach. Lewes Beach.
  5. Dewey Beach. Dewey Beach.
  6. Fenwick Island State Park. Fenwick Island State Park | Lee Cannon / photo modified.
  7. Delaware Seashore State Park.
  8. Slaughter Beach.

Is Dewey Beach a party town?

When the sun goes down, Dewey Beach’s famous party scene ramps up. From quieter beach bars to loud and rowdy clubs, you’ll find your scene here! If you’re looking for a great time and some amazing live music, the Bottle and Cork host local bands and internationally touring acts all summer long.

How long is the ferry ride from Cape May to Delaware?

How long does the trip take? The trip across the Delaware Bay takes about 85 minutes one way, with a round-trip being approximately 3 hours.

How long is the ferry ride from Rehoboth to Cape May?

Trip Length: Each one way crossing takes approximately 85 minutes. For easy math, add 1.5 hours on to your departure time to get your anticipated arrival on the other side, e.g. a 10:30AM departure is anticipated to arrive at noon. A roundtrip voyage is approximately 3 hours.

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