FAQ: Airports Near Great Lakes Il?

Which Chicago airport is closer to Great Lakes IL?

The closest airports to Naval Station Great Lakes are O’Hare International Airport in Chicago and General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee.

How far is ohare from Great Lakes?

All major airlines serve O’Hare International Airport, (Off-site link) which is located about 30 miles southwest of Great Lakes. Major airlines also serve Mitchell International Airport (off-site link) in Milwaukee, which is 49 miles north of Great Lakes.

How far is Great Lakes Navy Base from O’Hare Airport?

Yes, the driving distance between Chicago O’Hare Airport (ORD) to Naval Station Great Lakes is 30 miles. It takes approximately 34 min to drive from Chicago O’Hare Airport (ORD) to Naval Station Great Lakes.

What are the major airports in Illinois?

Major airports in Illinois

  • Chicago O’Hare International Airport.
  • Chicago Midway International Airport.
  • General Wayne A.
  • Quad City International Airport.
  • Central Illinois Regional Airport at Bloomington-Normal.
  • Chicago Rockford International Airport.
  • Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport.
  • University of Illinois Willard Airport.
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How far is Navy boot camp from Chicago?

Directions. Naval Station (NAVSTA) Great Lakes and Recruit Training Command (RTC) are located approximately 35 miles north of Chicago, in the far northeastern corner of Illinois. The Wisconsin state line is approximately 16 miles north of NAVSTA/RTC.

How far is Chicago from Great Lakes Illinois?

The total driving distance from Chicago, IL to Great Lakes, IL is 37 miles or 60 kilometers.

How long is the boot camp for the Navy?

Recruit training, or “boot camp,” will be approximately seven weeks long. The goal of this training is to transform you from a civilian into a Sailor with all of the skills necessary to perform in the fleet.

What town is Great Lakes Naval Base in?

Naval Station Great Lakes (NAVSTA Great Lakes) is the home of the United States Navy’s only boot camp, located near North Chicago, in Lake County, Illinois.

Naval Station Great Lakes
Great Lakes Building 1
Nearest city Waukegan, Illinois, U.S.
Area 193.2 acres (78.2 ha)
Built 1906

Where is Navy basic training?

Enlisted recruits head off to Boot Camp at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center north of Chicago, Illinois, near the western shore of Lake Michigan. While it’s called Boot Camp, it’s really a huge campus that includes both classroom and lots of hands-on training. The training is rigorous and demanding.

How far is Midway Airport from Naval Base?

The distance between Chicago Midway Airport (MDW) and Naval Station Great Lakes is 37 miles. The road distance is 41.6 miles.

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What is the biggest airport in Illinois?

Chicago’s main airport is the largest in Illinois, the Midwest and often trades off as the busiest in the country with Atlanta Hartsfield. Each year, more than 66 million passengers fly into O’Hare, nearly half of them on United Airlines alone.

Which airport is better to fly into in Chicago?

It is preferred for international flights, while Midway is better for domestic flights as it offers shorter lines. Midway is located in a very accessible area, closer to downtown Chicago, which makes it a better option for business travelers. Regarding food, both airports offer a great variety of restaurants.

What are the two airports in Chicago Illinois?

What are the two major airports in Chicago? Chicago O’ Hare International Airport and Chicago Midway International Airport are two main airports of Chicago.

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