FAQ: How Far Is Seaworld From San Diego Airport?

Does the San Diego Trolley go to SeaWorld?

Public Transportation:

All MTS trolley and buses are wheelchair accessible. For maps and trip planning information about MTS Bus and Trolley, visit sdmts.com or call (619) 233-3004. Many local hotels and motels offer complimentary shuttle service to SeaWorld.

How long does it take to see SeaWorld San Diego?

This will give you more time to explore the park. Stay at least 6 to 8 hours. Staying for this amount of time will allow you to see all of the shows, animal exhibits and encounters, and rides. Avoid walking near the amphitheaters towards the end of shows as crowds will pour out around that time.

Is SeaWorld closing in San Diego?

SeaWorld San Diego reopened to the public Sunday following a two-month closure due to COVID-19 restrictions, but the park’s rides will remain closed for the time being.

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How much does it cost to go to SeaWorld San Diego?

Instructions for fulfillment SeaWorld San Diego – Single Day Ticket

Gate price Your price
Adult (ages 10+) $93.99 $73.99
Child (ages 3-9) $78.99 $63.99

How far is SeaWorld from Old Town San Diego?

The distance between San DiegoOld Town and SeaWorld San Diego is 2 miles.

How long does the trolley run in San Diego?

The SEAL Tour is approximately 90 minutes long. 30 minutes on land and 60 minutes on San Diego Bay.

What is the best day to go to SeaWorld San Diego?

If you aren’t bogged down by children’s school schedules, visit Sea World in the spring, ideally in May, before the Labor Day weekend. The weather’s at its best, with San Diego’s brief rainy season over, while the crowds of summer have yet to materialize.

Can I bring food into SeaWorld San Diego?

No outside food, beverages, or coolers are allowed to be brought into SeaWorld San Diego, except you may bring a bottle of water or a refillable water bottle.

Is SeaWorld eat free all day worth it?

Yes, the all day dining is worth the cost. You can start the continental breakfast, and can visit any of the restaurants included. You can use the park map as you guide to the included restaurants, they are all well marked on the menu of each restaurant, and there is a good variety of food available.

Is SeaWorld still open 2020?

Years after promising to end their orca shows, SeaWorld is instead rebranding them. Seven years after the documentary film Blackfish inspired a backlash against Seaworld and the condition of the orcas in its care, the gates of Seaworld are still open.

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Is SeaWorld closing in 2019?

On March 17, 2016, SeaWorld announced the end of their breeding program, which signifies the last generation of orcas in captivity in their care, though Takara was still pregnant at the time. Theatrical orca shows ended at SeaWorld San Diego in 2017 and ended in Orlando and San Antonio in 2019.

Why is SeaWorld so bad?

Consider these facts: SeaWorld often keeps dolphins, whales, and other animals trapped with incompatible tankmates. The tension leads to fights and even fatal injuries. Staff members drug some animals to try to relieve their endless frustration.

Is parking free at SeaWorld San Diego?

General Parking is free for Annual Pass Members, but you may upgrade to Up-Close Parking for a small fee at the park when available. Photo ID and valid Annual Pass will be required at the Parking Lot Booths in order to receive the complimentary parking benefit.

What are the 11 SeaWorld parks?

This annual Pass grants admission to 11 parks – SeaWorld & Aquatica Orlando, San Antonio, San Diego, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Williamsburg and Sesame Place, along with Adventure Island and Water Country USA.

How much is SeaWorld Spooktacular?

Halloween Spooktacular Trick-or-Treating

At $2.49 each, the bags have super cute designs with dolphins, sharks and penguins in costumes. You can purchase them at multiple locations throughout the park, including the park entrance and the trail entrance by Wild Arctic.

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