FAQ: Stockton California Airports?

What is the closest major airport to Stockton CA?

The nearest airport to Stockton is Stockton (SCK) Airport which is 5.6 miles away. Other nearby airports include Oakland (OAK) (53.4 miles), Sacramento (SMF) (53.5 miles), San Jose (SJC) (53.9 miles) and San Francisco (SFO) (64.9 miles).

What airlines fly into Stockton CA?

Which airlines fly to Stockton? In general from United States, Allegiant Air flies the most to Stockton. The most popular route is from the United States, and Allegiant Air flies this route the most.

What is the name of the airport in Stockton CA?

The Stockton Metropolitan Airport is a regional airport centrally located in the heart of the California’s Central Valley, and is a great alternative to Sacramento (SMF), Oakland (OAK), San Francisco (SFO), and San Jose (SJC) Airports.

Does Allegiant fly from Stockton to San Diego?

Allegiant Takes Off with New Flights from Stockton to San Diego and Fares as Low as $39 | Allegiant Travel Company.

What time does Stockton airport open?

Open Hours:

Mon: 12am-12am. Tue: 12am-12am.

Does Modesto California have an airport?

Currently the Modesto City-County Airport does not offer any Commercial Air Service. Nearby airports with Commercial Air Service that serve the Central Valley are located in Merced, California, 30 minutes south of Modesto, and also in Stockton, California, located 30 minutes north of Modesto.

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What terminal is Allegiant Air in San Diego?

San Diego International Airport (SAN) is three miles northwest of downtown San Diego. There are two terminals (Terminal 1 and Terminal) with Allegiant operating out of the Terminal 2.

Does Allegiant fly to California?

Visit sunny Southern California with cheap flights to Los Angeles from $39. Allegiant offers Los Angeles hotel deals from our hotel partners in Los Angeles. Book your low cost flight to Los Angeles and save.

How far is San Diego from Stockton CA?

Distance from Stockton, CA to San Diego, CA

There are 430.42 miles from Stockton to San Diego in southeast direction and 458 miles (737.08 kilometers) by car, following the I-5 S route. Stockton and San Diego are 6 hours 57 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop.

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