FAQ: What Airport Is Closest To Hilton Waikoloa Village?

Does Hilton Waikoloa have airport shuttle?

Getting to Hilton Waikoloa Village® is easy with a wide range of transportation options available. Whether you arrive by shuttle, taxi, rental car or limousine, your trip from the airport will be relaxing and hassle-free—and our ‘aloha’ welcome will be as warm as the Hawaiian sun.

How much is a taxi from Kona Airport to Waikoloa?

The quickest way to get from Kona Airport (KOA) to Hilton Waikoloa Village is to taxi which costs $70 – $85 and takes 28 min.

How far is Waikoloa from Kona?

The distance between Kailua-Kona and Waikoloa is 25 miles. The road distance is 32.1 miles.

Which Hawaiian island is Waikoloa on?

Feel the spirit of Aloha at Hilton Waikoloa Village, a spectacular oceanfront playground, set on the sunny Kohala Coast of Hawaii, the Big Island. Join us and fill each moment of your stay with amazing new experiences.

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Is Kona better than Hilo?

Kona offers better weather, the best beaches and snorkeling, newer resorts, more vacation rentals, and more nightlife compared to Hilo Town. Hilo is worth a visit but may not be worth staying for more than a night.

Which side to stay on Big Island?

From West to East of the Big Island

You’ll likely want to split your stay between Kailua-Kona on the west side and Hilo (or Volcano) on the east side during your trip. This will alleviate a lot of extra driving and allow you to experience both sides of the island.

Is there Uber on the Big Island?

The shared ride services Uber and Lyft are available on the Big Island since March 2017.

What is the best tower at Hilton Waikoloa Village?

Families are best suited to the Lagoon Tower, which is closest to the kids’ pools, the lagoon beach and Dolphin Quest. Rooms with dolphin views feature balconies, which overlook the ocean and the dolphin tanks.

How far is it from Kona to Hilo?

How long is the drive from Kona to Hilo? It’s about a 3 hour drive along the coast (which is 125 miles) if you don’t stop.

Is the Big Island Cheaper Than Maui?

The Big Island is the third most visited in Hawaii and offers accommodation for all budgets. It tends to be cheaper than Maui and it has two very different sides: Kona (west side) and Hilo (east side). In Kona there are many resorts and hotels with prices usually a bit higher than in Hilo.

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How long does it take to drive from Waikoloa to Hilo?

It takes approximately 1h 22m to drive from Waikoloa to Hilo.

Where is the Kohala Coast on the Big Island?

Kohala is the name of the northwest portion of the island of Hawaiʻi in the Hawaiian Archipelago. In ancient Hawaii it was often ruled by an independent High Chief called the Aliʻi Nui. In modern times it is divided into two districts of Hawaii County: North Kohala and South Kohala.

Which is the cheapest Hawaiian island to visit?

Oahu: The Least Expensive Hawaiian Island to Visit. Due to the abundance of hotels, activities, tours, and attractions, Oahu is the most affordable island for tourists to visit.

Is Honolulu or Maui better?

Maui vs Honolulu: The Verdict

Honolulu is the most populated and developed island and is famous for its spectacular beaches and great waves. On the other hand, Maui is a great choice for those who want to enjoy beautiful beaches and also spend some time snorkeling and hiking.

Does the Hilton Waikoloa Village have a beach?

Enjoy a tropical adventure at Hilton Waikoloa Village’s very own salt-water lagoon and white-sand beach.

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