FAQ: What Airport Is Near Fort Benning Georgia?

What airport do you fly into for Fort Benning GA?

The closest airport to Fort Benning is Columbus Metropolitan Airport.

Is there a shuttle from Atlanta airport to Fort Benning?

Shuttle and Bus service is available from the airport to Fort Benning, GA for an additional cost. Transportation from Atlanta Airport to Fort Benning is $43 per person one way or $86 roundtrip. Children 3 and younger ride for free when accompanied by an adult. For more information, call 706-324-3939.

How far is Atlanta from Fort Benning GA?

The distance between Atlanta Airport (ATL) and Fort Benning is 95 miles.

What city is Fort Benning located in Georgia?

Columbus, GA lies 100 miles southwest of Atlanta. Fort Benning is located in an area commonly known as the ” Tri-Community”, comprised of Columbus, Fort Benning, Georgia, and Phenix City, Alabama. Columbus, known as Georgia’ s third-largest city, is a growing community of 250,000.

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Does Southwest fly to Columbus GA?

Flying with Southwest is simple and fun, no matter which of our dozens of exciting destinations you choose. When you search for your next flight to Columbus, know that you won’t be surprised at checkout. Low fares and no hidden fees. That’s Transfarency®.

Does Southwest fly to Georgia?

Of course, no trip to Atlanta is complete without enjoying down-home comfort-food classics. Enjoy all that the ATL has to offer, both old and new, and get there with ease by booking a flight into Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Southwest Airlines.

Can civilians get on Fort Benning?

Gate Info Site

Be aware that all individuals 18 and older in the vehicle are required to have a background check and pass before being allowed to unescorted access to the installation.

What is the closest city to Fort Benning Georgia?

Fort Benning is just south of Columbus, GA on U.S. Highway 27. The post covers nearly 182,000 acres of land, with 93% of the area in Georgia and 7% in Alabama. The Chattahoochee river divides Fort Benning between these two states.

How Long Does Fort Benning graduation last?

This is 13 weeks long. The end of this training culminates in the Turning Blue ceremony on a Thursday, after which you will get to visit with your soldier for the remainder of the day. The next day, Friday, is graduation. Please note that there is NO graduation ceremony at the end of the BCT portion of OSUT.

Does Fort Benning allow visitors?

Q: Are Visitors still allowed on Fort Benning during COVID-19? A: Visitors that DO NOT possess a CAC Card, Military ID Card, AIE Card (Long-term contractors and others), Retiree ID Card, and Family Member ID card that are currently prohibited from entering the installation include: Personnel visiting trainees.

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What units are stationed at Ft Benning?

Major Units Report

  • 1-19th Infantry Battalion. Command: 198th Infantry Brigade.
  • 1-29th Infantry Battalion. Command: 199th Infantry Brigade.
  • 1-46th Infantry Battalion.
  • 1-507th Parachute Infantry Regiment.
  • 1-50th Infantry Battalion.
  • 14th Combat Support Hospital.
  • 194th Armored Brigade.
  • 198th Infantry Brigade.

Is Fort Benning close to Atlanta?

The distance between Atlanta and Fort Benning is 103 miles. The road distance is 117.8 miles.

Is Fort Benning a good base?

Fort Benning Army Base is home to many of our nation’s finest soldiers and is a great place to be stationed. But if you want to live off base with your family, you have many great options from which to choose.

Do you get to go home after basic training army?

Do Soldiers come home after basic training? Soldiers are not often given time to go home after basic training. Check-in for AIT School is most often the day after graduation, if not the same day.

Is Fort Benning only for infantry?

Benning, a brigadier general in the Confederate States Army during the Civil War. Fort Benning is one of ten U.S. Army installations named for former Confederate Generals. Since 1909, Fort Benning has served as the Home of the Infantry.

Fort Benning
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