How Far Is Houston Hobby Airport From George Bush Airport?

How far is George Bush International from Hobby Airport?

35 miles or 56 km

To: round-trip one-way
Get: vacation flight hotel car rental

How much is a taxi from IAH to downtown Houston?

The quickest way to get from Houston Airport (IAH) to Downtown Houston is to taxi which costs $55 – $70 and takes 24 min.

Which is better IAH or HOU?

George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) is the big hitter in town and has a superior flight network. Hobby (HOU) is generally more conveniently located but almost guarantees you’ll be limited to a Southwest experience; quirky and comedic flight attendant quips included.

Is there a shuttle from Hou to IAH?

The Houston Metropolitan Transit Authority (METRO) offers public bus transportation. HOU to downtown Houston: METRO Bus 40 provides local service and continues to downtown Houston and the George R. HOU to IAH: For passengers wishing to travel by bus from HOU to IAH, take METRO Bus 40 downtown (see above).

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Who owns IAH Airport?

George Bush Intercontinental Airport
Airport type Public
Owner City of Houston

Is Uber cheaper than taxi in Houston?

Popularity for the services has skyrocketed over the past year as prices for Uber and Lyft are usually less expensive than cabs. All cabs in Houston must charge the same rate.

How much does a taxi cost per mile in Houston?

In the City of Houston regulated taxi meter rate is $2.75 for the first 1/11 mile, and $0.20 for each additional 1/11 mile ($4.75 for the first mile and $2.20 for every mile thereafter).

How much is a taxi ride in Houston?

How much is the taxi fare in Houston? The basic fee is $2.75, the kilometer price is $1.38. For standing and waiting time, $24.00 is charged per hour.

What do cabs charge per mile?

Taxi Fares: How Much Does a Ride Cost?

Taxi charges Fare rate
Drop charge: Applied as soon as you enter the taxi and accept a ride $2.60
Distance charge: Applied once the taxi is travelling to your destination $2.70 per mile ($0.30 per 1/9 mile)

Where are the cheapest places to fly from Houston?

Where are the cheapest places to fly to from Houston?

  • Fly from Houston to Orlando from $45 round trip.
  • Fly from Houston to Denver from $45 round trip.
  • Fly from Houston to Tampa from $47 round trip.
  • Fly from Houston to Fort Lauderdale from $58 round trip.
  • Fly from Houston to Atlanta from $63 round trip.
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What is the largest airport in Houston?

George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)

  • Houston’s largest airport and the 16th busiest airport in North America, according to ACI-NA (2019)
  • More than 11,000 acres.
  • More than 45 million passengers traveled through IAH in 2019, including more than 10 million international passengers.
  • 27 passenger airlines.

Is Houston airport easy to navigate?

Houston airports launch new way-finding tool for HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Getting around Houston’s two major airports is now a lot easier. Travelers can use their smartphone, or any other internet capable device, to navigate the terminals and it doesn’t require downloading different apps.

How much do you tip Super Shuttle driver?

How much should I tip the driver if the fare is $27? If the driver is pleasant, and helpful, a buck or two. When we book a Supershuttle online, the driver’s tip is INCLUDED in the charge (about 13%-15%).

How much is an uber from Dallas to Houston?

Total Fare: ~ 928.38 $

Distance between Dallas and Houston is approx. 239.25 miles (385.04 km) with 210 min travel time. This Uber estimate from Dallas to Houston was updated 12 days ago.

Is Super Shuttle cheaper than Uber?

It depends. My experience in New York is that super shuttle is cheaper than Uber considering traveling distance. Super Shuttle used to be cheaper, but in recent 1-2 years they hiked the price by 40% so now Uber is cheaper.

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