How Far Is Vero Beach From West Palm Beach Airport?

What airport do you fly into for Vero Beach Fl?

The closest airport to Vero Beach is Orlando Melbourne International Airport (MLB) in Melbourne, Florida, located just 43 miles from your destination. This airport serves flights to and from both domestic and international locations, but only a handful of airlines operate out of Orlando Melbourne.

How far is Orlando airport from Vero Beach?

The distance between Orlando Airport (MCO) and Vero Beach is 78 miles. The road distance is 99.8 miles.

Is Vero Beach a nice area?

Vero Beach is a nice town because it’s not too large or small, and there’s not too much crime. One thing it could improve on is there is not much to do for a younger group. Vero Beach is a small town with lots of old people. Typical town that’s not too dangerous but also not the safest place on Earth.

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Is Vero Beach expensive?

Vero Beach’s housing expenses are 19% lower than the national average and the utility prices are 28% higher than the national average. Transportation expenses like bus fares and gas prices are 1% lower than the national average. Vero Beach has grocery prices that are 3% higher than the national average.

Is there a shuttle from Orlando airport to Vero Beach?

Daily shared transportation: Orlando to Vero Beach shuttle Bus offers excellent transportation services from and to different locations: Orlando airport or Miami downtown.

Is Disney Vero Beach Resort worth it?

Vero Beach is not a hustling and bustling beach city. However, it is a nice community with a good variety of restaurants and other local businesses that are worth checking out. Disney’s Vero Beach Resort has a great collection of features and recreational activities.

How safe is Vero Beach Florida?

Relative to Florida, Vero Beach has a crime rate that is higher than 62% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

How far is Fort Lauderdale from Vero Beach?

The total driving distance from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Vero Beach, FL is 123 miles or 198 kilometers.

How far is Vero Beach from Disney?

The distance between Walt Disney World and Vero Beach is 90 miles. The road distance is 106.2 miles.

What celebrities live in Vero Beach?

Plenty of celebrities visit Vero Beach and among those who have spent time in the seaside community are the mega-star likes of Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson, Jay Leno, Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift.

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Is Vero Beach boring?

Vero Beach is boring. You are right next to Sanibel and the only thing to do there is go shelling. The Atlantic with its steep continental dropoff has stronger surf than the Gulf coast which is relatively shallow (there is actually a shallows area many miles off-shore).

How many billionaires live in Vero Beach Florida?

Of the world’s 937 billionaires identified by Forbes Magazine, at least two have Vero Beach connections. Coming in at No. 488 on the list is Blackstone Group founder Peter Peterson with a net worth according to the magazine of $2 billion.

What is Vero Beach known for?

Vero Beach, an elegant city located along Florida’s Atlantic Coast, is a haven for golf, water sports and fishing. Peaceful beaches, museums, nature tours and a range of hotels make Vero Beach a terrific vacation destination and an important part of the region known as the Treasure Coast.

What is the most affordable beach town in Florida?

5 Inexpensive Beaches in Florida

  1. Clearwater Beach. Clearwater Beach is renowned for its white-sand beaches, tranquil waters, abundance of watersports, shopping and restaurants – and its affordability.
  2. Jensen Beach.
  3. New Smyrna Beach.
  4. Panama City Beach.
  5. Marathon.

Is Vero Beach Fl a good place to retire?

This Unique Place made SmartAsset’s Top 10 Places to Retire in Florida. So it comes as no surprise that SmartAssets named Vero Beach as one of the “Best Places to Retire in Florida.” The statistics website included details such as the number of hospitals and tax rates in the area in addition to many other criteria.

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