How To Get From Hong Kong Airport To City?

How much is a taxi from Hong Kong airport to the city?

The average price of a taxi ride from Hong Kong airport to the city centre of Hong Kong is 370 HK$ (40€). Without traffic, the journey will take approximately 30 minutes.

How much is the Hong Kong Airport Express?

Airport Express

Smart Ticket Octopus
From Airport to Adult Adult
Hong Kong Station $115 $110
Kowloon Station $105 $100
Tsing Yi Station $70 $65

Is there Uber in Hong Kong airport?

Whether you’re going from Hong Kong Airport to Kowloon City or from Disneyland to Hong Kong Airport, count on Uber to get you there.

Can you use Octopus card on Airport Express?

Octopus is incredibly versatile and can be used to pay for multiple modes of transport including the MTR, Airport Express, Light Rail, buses and ferries, etc.

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Do you tip taxi drivers in Hong Kong?

Taxis. Taxi or cab drivers don’t expect to be tipped, but it is normal to leave the driver a small tip by rounding up your fare to an even number and letting them keep the change.

Can I use Uber in Hong Kong?

Uber is already illegal in Hong Kong but is still hugely popular in the city.

How much does HK MTR cost?

If your boarding and destination stations are different, your total fare will be calculated as the average of the fares for the two journeys.

Special Same Day Return Fares for Octopus Users (in HK$)

To / From Adult (aged 12 or above) Child (aged 3-11)
Hong Kong $80 $40
Kowloon $72 $36
Tsing Yi $47 $23.5

How do I get to the airport by train?

Currently, one has to pay around Rs 270 to travel in a Vayu Vajra, and a cab fare is between Rs 600 and Rs 1,000. However, one needs to board a shuttle service from the halt station to the airport terminal while taking a train. As per the train schedule, the trains wilal be available on six days, except Sundays.

Is Airport Express still available?

They will be available through, Apple’s retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers while supplies last,” said an Apple spokesperson. Apple will not manufacture additional AirPort Express, Extreme, and Time Capsule products, but existing inventory was available until it sold out in November 2018.

Is it safe to drink the water in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong’s water is good enough to drink.

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According to the WSD, Hong Kong’s water is actually among the safest in the world14. So as long as you maintain your plumbing in good condition, Hong Kong’s water is actually safe to drink from the tap without having to boil.

What is uber flash Hong Kong?

Written byUber Hong Kong. English | Chinese. Since March this year, Uber has collaborated with the local taxi industry, to launch Uber Flash – which matches riders with the closest UberX or Taxi – as an additional option for Hong Kongers to enjoy convenient rides at affordable prices.

How do I become an Uber driver in Hong Kong?

Here’s what you need to sign up

  1. Minimum Requirements. Aged 18 or above. Be legally allowed to drive in your country.
  2. Required Documents. Hong Kong permanent identity card. Vehicle registration document (2005 or updated models)
  3. Driver Screening. After signing up, you will undergo a background screening.

Can Tourist buy Octopus card?

The On-Loan Octopus card is a rechargeable stored value card and is perfect for tourists. Available types: Adult, Child, Elder and Personalised. To purchase an On-Loan card, a passport or any other identification is not required, except Personalised.

How does Octopus card work?

Users can choose to transfer their card data from an existing anonymous On-Loan Adult or Elder Octopus to the Smart Octopus. All card value and reward points would be transferred and held in the Samsung Pay app. Users can also choose to purchase a new Adult or Elder Smart Octopus in the app.

How do I load my Octopus card?

  1. Tap “Top up” in the “Octopus Card” pages.
  2. Select to top up from your Octopus Wallet or Top up from your bank account*, and input top up amount.
  3. Tap your Octopus to the compatible Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled mobile device to top up your Octopus.

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