Often asked: Baltimore Airport Code?

What does BWI Airport stand for?

The Maryland Aviation Administration (MAA) is the owner and operator of Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) and Martin State Airport.

Is BWI a large airport?

Baltimore–Washington International Airport (BWI) is the largest airport serving Baltimore–Washington D.C. metropolitan area. – BWI Airport is located 9 miles south of Baltimore. – Baltimore Airport has been ranked as one of the best airports in the world of its size.

Is BWI in Washington DC?

Washington, D.C., is served by three different airports, and Baltimore/Washington International Airport—commonly known as BWI—is located about 45 miles north of Washington and just south of Baltimore, Maryland.

Does Baltimore have an airport?

BALTIMORE/WASHINGTON INTERNATIONAL (BWI) THURGOOD MARSHALL AIRPORT. BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport is one of the fastest growing large airports in the United States. Ranked as the region’s busiest airport, BWI’s operations produce $9.3 billion in total economic activity, 106,488 jobs, and $591.9 million in taxes.

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How far is Baltimore from DC?

Washington D.C is about 35 miles from Baltimore.

Is Baltimore safe?

Many people who plan to visit the city wonder: Is downtown Baltimore safe? Even though the overall crime rate in downtown Baltimore is more than 200 percent higher than the U.S. national average, there are safe parts of Baltimore that you can reliably stick to.

Is Baltimore airport safe?

Security is state-of-the-art at BWI: Over the past few years, airport security has drastically improved. As per TSA regulations, all flyers have to go through security before being allowed to go to their gate. But you can feel safe and secure when traveling through BWI.

Can you walk between concourses at BWI?

After security checkpoints close for the night, travellers are not allowed to wander between the landside and airside.

What airlines fly to BWI?

Direct from United States

Southwest Airlines flights United flights jetBlue flights
Delta flights Alaska Airlines flights Contour Airlines flights
American Airlines flights Spirit Airlines flights Southern Airways Express flights

How much is uber from BWI to DC?

BWI to DC Airport Taxi / Uber / Lyft

The estimated cost for a trip to downtown DC is $90, though rates do vary. Uber/Lyft taken without any added surcharge fees usually cost between $41-$55, though the price can increase during rush hour.

How much does it cost to take the train from Baltimore to DC?

The quickest way to get from Baltimore to Washington DC is to train which costs $5 – $65 and takes 40 min.

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Where do tourists stay in Washington DC?

  • Downtown, best area to stay in Washington DC.
  • Capitol Hill, where to stay in Washington for sightseeing.
  • Chinatown, eclectic and fun place.
  • Foggy Bottom, a hip place to stay in Washington DC.
  • Dupont Circle, vibrant cultural life.
  • Logan Circle, where to stay in Washington DC for nightlife.
  • Georgetown, great area for families.

Which airport is closer to Maryland?

Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (bwiairport.com), commonly called BWI, is about 10 miles south of downtown Baltimore. Motels, served by courtesy shuttles, ring the airport and city buses and the MARC train’s Penn line provide public transportation into the city.

Which state is Baltimore in map?


Baltimore, Maryland
Country United States
State Maryland
City Baltimore
Historic colony Province of Maryland

What is Baltimore close to?

Major cities near Baltimore, MD

  • 35 miles to Washington, DC.
  • 90 miles to Philadelphia, PA.
  • 164 miles to Newark, NJ.
  • 168 miles to Jersey City, NJ.
  • 169 miles to Norfolk, VA.
  • 171 miles to New York, NY.
  • 172 miles to Virginia Beach, VA.
  • 175 miles to Chesapeake, VA.

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