Often asked: How To Add Airport Express?

Can’t find AirPort Express in AirPort utility?

Hold in the reset button on the AirPort Express for 8-10 seconds, then release. Allow a full minute for the Express to restart. The utility will open up and suggest a setup. Follow the prompts.

How many AirPort Express can be added to a network?

Each AirPort Express (new version) will handle up to 50 wireless clients. It would be much better to limit that to 20-25 to keep the speed up. So, you’ll have to do some math to try to figure out how many total devices will connect to the network when everything is working.

Can I connect Apple AirPort Express to my router?

Yes, I do this at home. If you open the AirPort Utility, go to the Wireless tab and choose ‘Join a wireless network’ then add your current WiFi network and put in the password you can use the AirPort Express for AirTunes at the same time as being connected to the internet.

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Can’t connect to AirPort Express?

Troubleshooting AirPort Express Problems

Check the network: Make sure your computer is on the same Wi-Fi network as the AirPort Express. Unplug the AirPort Express and plug it back in: Wait for it to restart. When the light turns green, it has restarted and connected to the Wi-Fi network.

How do I reset my first AirPort Express?

Hard reset:

Press and hold the reset button for about 5 seconds, until the status light on the base station flashes amber rapidly. Then release the button. Wait about a minute for the base station to finish restarting. Open AirPort Utility, which is in the Utilities folder of your Applications folder.

How do I restore AirPort Express?

Unplug the AirPort Express from the power outlet and press and hold the reset button. While still holding down the reset button, plug the device into a power outlet. Hold down the reset button until you see the light flash green four times. Let go of the button and the device will reset itself.

Can I use an AirPort Express to extend a non Apple network?

Answer: A: Not sure whether an “AEx” is an Airport Express, or an AirPort Extreme..but in either case, the AirPort cannot wirelessly extend a signal from a third party (nonApple) wireless router. Apple’sextend” feature will only work if you have another Apple router providing the wireless signal to be extended.

How do I set up multiple AirPort Express?

Use an Apple AirPort Extreme as the central hub, and then connect several smaller Apple AirPort Express to it and spread them around the property. Connect each AirPort Express to the hub with regular Cat 5 Ethernet cables, set up the AirPorts with Apple AirPort utility with the commands I’ll share, and you’re done.

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How do I use AirPort Express to stream music?

Using AirPort Express to Stream Music

  1. Plug the AirPort Express into AC power and see that the green light indicates that it is connected to your home network.
  2. To listen to streaming music using the AirPort Express, connect it to an audio input on your stereo/AV receiver, or connect it to powered speakers.

Can you daisy chain AirPort Express?

You can chain as many AirPorts as you want this way.

Does AirPort Express need to be plugged into Ethernet?

Yes. does the AE need to stay plugged into the modem by ethernet in order to work? Yes, if you want the AirPort Express to act as wireless router and provide a wireless network. Temporarily, use a laptop or desktop and connect the computer to the LAN port on the AirPort Express using an Ethernet cable.

Does AirPort Express need a base station?

Yet both the Express and the Extreme are rather tiny by traditional router standards. Their portability means just about anyone can set up a wireless base station anywhere they need it. And on the next page, you’ll read more about what it takes to get data flying at your own Apple AirPort.

How do I setup AirPort Express to extend my wireless network?

Click “Manual Setup,” then “Airport,” and then “Wireless.” Choose “Extend a Wireless Network” in the “Wireless Mode” menu. Choose the network name you set earlier and enter the password if you created one. Click “Update.” Adjust your devices as necessary to maximize your network strength wherever you use your computer.

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How do I connect my Apple AirPort Express Base Station?

On your device, go to Settings > Wi-Fi, then tap the name of your base station (for example, “AirPort Extreme 0affff”) listed under “Set up new AirPort base station.” Follow the onscreen instructions. The setup assistant automatically provides the best solution for your network.

How do I connect my AirPort Express to my computer?


  1. Connect your AirPort Express with an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on your DSL or cable modem.
  2. Plug in your AirPort Express to a power outlet and power on any external disk drives or printers that you connected to the AirPort Express.
  3. Click the Start menu and then select “Programs” and “AirPort Utility.”

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