Often asked: How To Get From Helsinki Airport To City Centre?

How much is the train from Helsinki airport to city Centre?

Single ticket fare from Helsinki Airport to city centre is € 4.10 (mobile), € 4.10 (HSL card), € 4.10 (ticket machine), € 6.00 (from the bus driver).

How much is a taxi from Helsinki airport to the city?

The taxi ranks are located outside the arrivals areas at the two passenger terminals. The average taxi ride into central Helsinki takes around 30 minutes to cover the 17 km distance from the airport and a journey in Helsinki Vantaa Airport taxis will cost between EUR 40.00 to EUR 50.00 to city center destinations.

How far is Helsinki Airport from city Centre?

Helsinki Airport is the biggest airport in Finland. It’s situated in the suburbs called Vantaa, 19 kilometers from the city centre. You can get to Helsinki from the airport by three transport options: by train, bus, or taxi (transfer).

Is there Uber in Helsinki?

Can I request a ride with Uber at Helsinki Airport? Uber is available at Helsinki Airport, so you can enjoy a convenient and comfortable trip to wherever you need to go.

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Is Helsinki safe at night?

Finland is one of the safest countries in the world to visit. Helsinki is one of the safest cities around. During the day, you can safely walk around just about anywhere in Helsinki and even at night it’s generally safe, with the exception of the main railway station and Kaisaniemi Park during the weekends.

Is Helsinki walkable?

Helsinki is a dream city for walking: it’s easy to breathe, there’s always something new and interesting just around the corner, and the distances are short. The walking routes presented here reveal the city’s unique neighbourhoods, the places beloved by locals, and many well-kept secrets too.

Is Helsinki expensive?

Helsinki is a fascinating combination of influences that aren’t found elsewhere and it’s clean and well organized, but it’s notoriously expensive as well. From a visitor’s perspective it’s not quite as expensive as Stockholm, but compared to nearly anywhere else in Europe it will seem pricey.

Should you tip in Finland?

Tipping. Normally tipping is not expected in Finland and a service charge is added in hotels and restaurants. Finnish people do tip only if they wish to appreciate good service or delicious food. It is not obligatory to give a tip to the taxi drivers.

Can you buy Helsinki Card at airport?

When you buy, you have the option to have the card shipped to you for a fee, or you can choose to pick it up at one of four locations in Helsinki. Two of these locations are open 24 hours, including the one at Helsinki Airport.

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Is Helsinki pretty?

The result is that with the amazing waterways and forests around the city, Helsinki is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. Street after street revealed more stunning architecture and or water views. The city is also very clean.

Can you see the Northern Lights from Helsinki?

Can you see the Northern Lights in Helsinki? Sadly, no. Helsinki is too far south, and has a lot of light pollution. However, if there is a period of intense solar activity, the Northern Lights can become visible as far as Helsinki.

Is Finland an expensive country?

Finland is the most expensive country in the euro area, and Finnish inflation has in recent years been among the highest in the euro area. For Finnish consumers, the elevated prices mean that, despite relatively high income, purchasing power remains weak.

What is the currency in Helsinki?

The official currency in Finland is the euro (€).

Is Uber available in Finland?

Ride-hailing giant Uber is officially relaunching in Finland today, a year after suspending its primary service in the market — when it said it would wait for taxi laws to be deregulated. Among the changes it was waiting for are the removal of taxi permit caps and fare restrictions.

Is Uber legal in Finland?

In Finland, Uber was deemed legal provided its drivers held valid taxi licenses, but the company has been the target of police investigations and drivers have been ordered to give up their earnings to the state for not having valid permits.

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