Often asked: How To Get From Punta Cana Airport To Resort?

How much is taxi from Punta Cana airport?

Taxi Rates / Tariffs

Taxi rides from your hotel to the airport in Punta Cana can cost anywhere from US$20 (Puntacana Resort & Club and Club Med) to US$80 (hotels around Uvero Alto Beach), based on distance from nearest to farthest. After dark you can expect to pay US$15 to US$20 more, but fares can often be negotiated.

How do I get from Punta Cana airport to Bavaro?

The fastest way to get from Punta Cana Airport (PUJ) to Bávaro is to taxi which takes 17 min and costs $18 – $22.

Is it safe to leave your resort in Punta Cana?

Avoid solo travel out of Punta Cana; going with a partner or group is preferable. Even within Punta Cana, stick to popular areas and limit excessive alcohol consumption. Sexual assaults involving date-rape drugs in drinks have been reported at Punta Cana hotels.

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How much is a taxi from Punta Cana airport to breathless resort?

The quickest way to get from Punta Cana Airport (PUJ) to Breathless Punta Cana Resort & Spa – Adults Only is to taxi which costs $30 – $40 and takes 36 min.

Is it safe to take taxi in Punta Cana?

Taxi services in Punta Cana are safe and common, but make sure to set a price before taking a ride. You can book a taxi at hubs at the airport and at most resorts, shopping venues, and attractions.

How much is $100 US in Dominican pesos?

Are you overpaying your bank?

Conversion rates US Dollar / Dominican Peso
10 USD 568.90000 DOP
20 USD 1137.80000 DOP
50 USD 2844.50000 DOP
100 USD 5689.00000 DOP

Can you use Uber in Punta Cana?

Ride-hailing apps like Uber are not yet operating in Punta Cana. These taxi motorcycles have cheap fares, starting around $2 or $4. But even still, with the high accident rate and lack of helmets for passengers, we recommend taking a taxicab instead.

Does Punta Cana Airport have WiFi?

Free WiFi is available at Punta Cana Airport.

How far is Bavaro from Punta Cana?

The distance between Playa Bavaro and Punta Cana Airport (PUJ) is 19 km. The road distance is 26.5 km.

Do you leave a tip at an all-inclusive resort?

Do I Need to Tip at an AllInclusive Resort? While tipping is a discretionary and optional gesture, at allinclusive resorts in Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and others, it is certainly encouraged.

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Is there a travel warning for Punta Cana?

Dominican Republic – Level 3: Reconsider Travel

Read the Department of State’s COVID-19 page before you plan any international travel. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 4 Travel Health Notice for the Dominican Republic due to COVID-19.

Is Punta Cana safe to walk around?

Contrary to the reports, there is very little crime in Punta Cana and the people there are very honorable and have a deep sense of humanity for others. With all the drug cartel action in Mexico, I’d feel very uncomfortable walking around outside the all-inclusive resort!

What is the best month to go to Punta Cana?

The best time to visit Punta Cana is from March to May when the peak season rush trickles out of the city. Luckily, the weather is warm year-round, with average highs around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does Breathless Punta Cana have airport shuttle?

We do not offer transfer services, but we recommend you to book with Amstar DMC, check their website for more info;)

How far is Melia Punta Cana from the airport?

It’s situated on a beautiful stretch of popular Bavaro Beach, a 20-minute drive from Punta Cana International Airport. The all-inclusive Melia Caribe Beach Resort is situated in the popular Punta Cana area of Bavaro Beach, right along a wide stretch of beautiful white sand.

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