Often asked: Montego Bay Airport To Negril?

How do I get from Montego Bay airport to Negril Jamaica?

From the airport in Montego Bay, you drive west along the A1 for about 90 minutes to reach Negril. En route, the only town of any size you’ll pass through is Lucea, built around a harbor at a point 40km (25 miles) east of Negril.

How much is a taxi from Montego Bay airport to Negril?

The quickest way to get from Montego Bay to Negril is to taxi which costs $110 – $140 and takes 1h 15m.

How much is transportation from Montego Bay airport to Negril?

Transportation Montego Bay to Negril, Airport Transfers to Negril, Jamaica. – $18.00.

How far is Montego Bay Airport from Negril?

Travelling to Negril from Montego Bay’s Donald Sangster International Airport will take up to 90 minutes and about 45 miles, depending on where in Negril you want to go. Jamaica Customised Vacation and Tours, a transfer and tour services provider can help you get there in style.

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Which is better Negril or Montego Bay?

Since Montego Bay is a larger place than Negril, it makes sense that it also has more resorts and hotels. There are plenty of all-inclusive resorts you can stay at with private beaches, pools and whatnot. On the other hand, Montego Bay is also overall more expensive than Negril, which is something to keep in mind.

Is Negril Jamaica safe?

In general, Negril is quite safe. It’s fine to walk the beach or the cliff road during the day. You’ll get approached regularly by hustlers selling everything a polite ‘no thanks’ (sometimes repeated) is almost always sufficient.

Which airport is closer to Negril Jamaica?

The nearest airport to Negril is Montego Bay (MBJ).

How far is Negril Beach from Montego Bay?

Access: Negril, located on Jamaica’s west coast, is about 90 minutes’ drive from Montego Bay.

Does Negril Jamaica have an airport?

Negril Aerodrome (IATA: NEG, ICAO: MKNG) is an airport serving Negril in western Jamaica. It is located 7 km (4.3 mi) north of Negril Point.

How do I get from Montego Bay airport to my hotel?

In Jamaica most transfers between the Montego Bay airport and resort hotels are most often by bus, van, or taxi. Various transportation operate from the airport and offer service to all areas of the island.

What is the transportation in Jamaica?

Public transportation in Jamaica consists of buses, minibuses and route taxis; they run between Kingston and every point on the island. Bus Cheap travel between towns, but often overcrowded and dangerously driven. More expensive and reliable scheduled coaches connect larger towns.

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How far is Azul Negril from airport?

The distance between Montego Bay Airport (MBJ) and Azul Beach Resort Negril, Gourmet All Inclusive by Karisma is 51 km. The road distance is 79.4 km.

How long is the drive from MBJ to Negril?

Yes, the driving distance between Montego Bay Airport (MBJ) to Negril is 80 km. It takes approximately 1h 18m to drive from Montego Bay Airport (MBJ) to Negril.

Is it better to fly into Kingston or Montego Bay?

In short, Montego Bay is generally better for tourists looking for a laid-back, care-free vacation. Kingston is not really a tourist town, offering fewer attractions and fewer quality beaches. It is mainly a business city, a center for industry, banking and shipping.

What is the main airport in Jamaica?

There are three international airports in Jamaica: Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, Jamaica’s capital city, and the Ian Fleming International Airport in picturesque Ocho Rios.

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