Often asked: Where Is Malpensa Airport?

What city is Malpensa Airport in?

Milan Malpensa Airport (IATA: MXP, ICAO: LIMC) is the largest international airport in the Milan metropolitan area in northern Italy.

Milan Malpensa Airport.

Milan Malpensa Airport Aeroporto di Milano Malpensa “Città di Milano”
Operator SEA Aeroporti di Milano
Serves Milan, Italy
Location Ferno, Varese

How far is Malpensa airport from Milan?

The second-busiest airport in Italy is Milan Malpensa (MXP), roughly 30 miles outside of Milan. The easiest way to get into central Milan from the airport is by taking the airport express train.

Which Milan airport is closer to the city?

Linate is the closest airport to city, located just 7km away from Milan center. There is no train station at Linate, but connections via public transportation and Linate airport shuttle are pretty good.

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How do I get from Malpensa airport to Milan city Centre?

Getting to Milan from Malpensa Airport

The Malpensa Express takes 50 minutes to the end of the line and runs every 20 – 40 minutes. It will take you to Milano Centrale, Cadorna or Milan Porta Garibaldi. A one-way ticket to Milano Centrale or Cadorna costs € 13 ( US$ 15.30) and trains run every 15 minutes approximately.

How much is a taxi from Malpensa airport to Milan?

There are 2 modes of transportation available from Milan Malpensa airport (MXP) to the city centre of Milan: Taxi and Train. The most convenient method to get to the city centre is by Taxi. The Milan airport taxi ride will cost around 90-95€ and it will take approximately 50 minutes to reach your destination.

How much is train from Malpensa to Milan?

There are 69 Malpensa Express trains each day leaving Malpensa Aeroporto station for Milano Centrale station. The trip takes 52 minutes, but the trip to Milano Cadorna is shorter), and tickets cost $15.

Is there a train from Malpensa airport to Milan?

The trip between Malpensa Airport and Milano Centrale takes approximately 52 minutes. The train makes 68 trips daily between Milano Centrale and Malpensa Terminals 1 and 2, with stops at Milano Porta Garibaldi superficie, Milano Bovisa and Saronno.

Is Uber available in Milan?

Uber is a way to easily get around Milan, to and from Malpensa Airport: you will be reached wherever you are. When on board, the driver will exactly know where to go. And on arrival, you just have to get out of the car, since the payment will already be integrated into the app.

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How do I get from Milan Bergamo to Milan Malpensa?

The best way to get from Milan Bergamo Airport (BGY) to Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP) without a car is to bus which takes 1h 16m and costs 40€ – 60€.

Is Milan or Florence better?

While Milan houses an impressive collection of Italian art, including Leonardo da Vinci’s world-famous The Last Supper, Florence is truly the mecca for lovers of Renaissance art and history. Milan has more to offer visitors in way of musical culture, shopping, and nightlife.

What are the two airports in Milan?

Milan Airport

  • Malpensa Airport – the main international airport.
  • Linate Airport – a smaller airport for domestic and European services.
  • Il Caravaggio International Airport, near Bergamo – another airport for domestic and European services.
  • Bresso Airport – used only by general aviation.

How much is a taxi from Bergamo airport to Milan city Centre?

A taxi from Bergamo Airport to Milan city centre is over 100 euros. It will take you 50 minutes to get to Milan.

Does Malpensa airport have a train station?

Take the Malpensa Express from Malpensa Airport to Milano Centrale (main rail station). The train station is located in Terminal 1 on level -1. If you land in Terminal 2, there is a free shuttle bus connecting Terminal 1 with Terminal 2 every 20 minutes 24 hours a day.

How safe is Milan at night?

Even though there are certain areas near Loreto, Central station, and Porto di Mare which can be unsafe in the night, Milan is a rather safe city. It is full of grand palaces and fine churches in the center, a lot of parks and museums.

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What is the best location to stay in Milan?

The Best Places To Stay in Milan

  • Most romantic neighborhood: San Lorenzo.
  • Best neighborhood for sightseeing: Brera.
  • Best neighborhood for nightlife: Navigli District.
  • Best neighborhood for food and restaurants: Porta Nuovo.
  • Best neighborhood for local vibe: San Babila and Porta Venezia.

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