Often asked: Ybor City To Tampa Airport?

Is Ybor City Tampa Safe?

Many of the safest rated neighborhoods have higher middle-aged populations, low poverty rates and high education rates. Many of these neighborhoods are also among some of the most expensive in the city. Some of the Tampa neighborhoods rated as the least safe (in no particular order) are: Ybor City.

How far is Ybor City from Tampa Airport?

The distance between Tampa Airport (TPA) and Ybor City is 6 miles. The road distance is 9.3 miles.

Is Uber allowed at Tampa airport?

TAMPA — Getting dropped off or picked up in an Uber or Lyft is legal now at Tampa International Airport, and those ridesharing companies are paying the airport to do so. In agreeing to the contract, rideshare drivers will pay a per-trip fee of $3 for each ride beginning this month.

What is Ybor City known for?

At the turn of the 20th century, nowhere in the United States was as famous for its cigars as Tampa’s Ybor City, which was once known as the “Cigar Capital of the World.” The Ybor City Historic District is a National Historic Landmark located northeast of Tampa’s downtown.

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Is Ybor dangerous?

News articles will tell you Ybor is a great place to go for entertainment, and is safe up until about 11:00 p.m. It’s those after hours clubs and drinking when it becomes wild and somewhat unsafe.

What is a good salary in Tampa?

Average Salary & Household Income in Tampa

A look at the local numbers shows that the average salary in Tampa is about $63,000 annually. This number has been seeing an average increase of about 2.1% year over year as it keeps up with the changing Tampa market.

How far is Ybor from Clearwater?

The distance between Ybor City and Clearwater Beach (Land) is 24 miles.

How far is Ybor City from Tampa?

Ybor City (pronounced E-bore) is Tampa’s historic district, located northeast of downtown and just 6 miles from the Tampa airport. It’s named for Vicente Martinez-Ybor, a Spanish entrepreneur who brought the booming cigar industry to Tampa from Cuba (by way of Key West) in the 1880s.

Is historic Ybor safe?

Do you feel safe walking alone at night in Historic Ybor? Extremely safe. Night or day, it’s a very safe place. Fairly safe.

Does Tampa Airport have a shuttle?

In fact, approximately 50,000 travelers pass through Tampa International Airport (TPA) every day. At SuperShuttle, we provide a variety of reliable airport shuttle options, so you can find a ride that works for you.

Is LYFT or uber cheaper in Tampa?

Are Lyft and Uber less expensive than cabs? Both companies say their rates are up to 40 percent cheaper than cabs, depending on the city. Prices vary by location, but in Tampa, both companies charge the same rate. Each ride has a base charge of $1.25 plus a $1 trust and safety fee.

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How do I get Uber at Tampa airport?

Exit on the lower arrivals level

Head outside from baggage claim. This is where all Uber driver-partners at TPA meet travelers for pickup. Enter your terminal and choose the airline closest to you so your driver knows where to find you.

Is Tampa Riverwalk safe at night?

Riverwalk and Curtis Hixon Park is safe, Channelside is really quiet too. The only areas I’d be a bit wary of the bus station, right in front of The Hub, and Gaslight Park.

What does Ybor mean in English?

Ybor is a neighborhood within the city limits of Tampa, Florida, United States. Ybor City itself was annexed by the city of Tampa in 1887. The “V.M.” in the name stands for “Vicente Martinez”, as in Vicente Martinez Ybor, the Spanish cigar manufacturer who founded Ybor City in 1885.

What is there to do in Ybor City at night?

Club Prana

  • Club Prana. Ybor City. Photo courtesy of Prana (Facebook)
  • The Honey Pot. Ybor City. Photo courtesy of Honey Pot.
  • The Ritz Ybor. Ybor City.
  • Gaspar’s Grotto. Ybor City.
  • Improv Comedy Club and Dinner Theatre. Ybor City.
  • Tampa Bay Brewing Company. Ybor City.
  • The Orpheum. Ybor City.
  • Rock Brothers Brewery & The Attic. Ybor City.

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