Question: How Far Is Arlington Texas From Dallas Fort Worth Airport?

What airport do you fly into for Arlington Texas?

The closest airport to Arlington is Dallas-Fort Worth Intl. Airport.

Is Arlington Texas Safe?

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Arlington is 1 in 30. Based on FBI crime data, Arlington is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Texas, Arlington has a crime rate that is higher than 90% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

How far is Arlington from Dallas airport?

Distance from Arlington, TX to DFW Airport

There are 12.00 miles from Arlington to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) in northeast direction and 16 miles (25.75 kilometers) by car, following the TX 360 N route. Arlington and DFW Airport are 24 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop.

Is there a train from Dallas to Arlington?

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) operates train services from Dallas to Arlington.

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Is Arlington TX closer to Dallas or Fort Worth?

The city lies approximately 12 miles (19 km) east of downtown Fort Worth and 20 miles (32 km) west of downtown Dallas. Johnson Creek, a tributary of the Trinity River, and the Trinity River itself, flow through Arlington.

What city is closest to Arlington Texas?

Major cities near Arlington, TX

  • 12 miles to Fort Worth, TX.
  • 18 miles to Dallas, TX.
  • 30 miles to Garland, TX.
  • 31 miles to Plano, TX.
  • 175 miles to Austin, TX.
  • 190 miles to Oklahoma City, OK.
  • 229 miles to Houston, TX.
  • 243 miles to San Antonio, TX.

What is the dangerous city in Texas?

Most “dangerous” cities in Texas

The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program shows that, among 534 Texas cities reporting data, Austin ranks 128th. The cities with the highest violent crime rates are South Padre Island, New Boston, Snyder and Oyster Creek, each with a rate above 1,200 incidents per 100,000 residents.

What is the safest city in Texas?

Here are the 10 Safest Cities in Texas for 2021

  • Fair Oaks Ranch.
  • Colleyville.
  • Horizon City.
  • Fate.
  • Murphy.
  • University Park.
  • Helotes.
  • Highland Village​

What is the cost of living in Arlington Texas?

Arlington cost of living is 100.6

COST OF LIVING Arlington Texas
Health 99.4 95.4
Housing 88.5 84.3
Median Home Cost $204,600 $195,000
Utilities 100 99.2

How far is Arlington from Dallas?

22 miles or 35 km driving 18 miles or 29 km flying

To: round-trip one-way
Get: vacation flight hotel car rental
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How far is Arlington from Washington DC?

Distance from Arlington, VA to Washington, DC

There are 3.41 miles from Arlington to Washington in northeast direction and 5 miles (8.05 kilometers) by car, following the US-50 E route. Arlington and Washington are 7 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop.

How far is Arlington Texas to Fort Worth Texas?

Distance from Arlington, TX to Fort Worth, TX

There are 13.01 miles from Arlington to Fort Worth in west direction and 15 miles (24.14 kilometers) by car, following the I-30 route. Arlington and Fort Worth are 19 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop. This is the fastest route from Arlington, TX to Fort Worth, TX.

What is Arlington Texas famous for?

Arlington is perhaps best known for its recreational and sports attractions. In 1961, the Six Flags Over Texas amusement park opened its doors. In 1972, the Washington Senators baseball team moved to their new home at Turnpike Stadium (now Ameriquest Field), becoming the Texas Rangers.

How much does the Tre cost?


Single Ride Cost
Trinity Railway Express – Local (West Zone to CentrePort) $2.50
Trinity Railway Express – Local Reduced (West Zone to CentrePort) $1.25
ZIPZONE– Local* *Excludes Alliance ZIPZONE $1 – $3
ZIPZONE + One – Local* (includes one additional rider) *Excludes Alliance ZIPZONE $4.50

Is Fort Worth a good place to live?

With a hot housing market and great cost of living, it’s no wonder families are moving to Fort Worth over other popular urban destinations. Out of 125 metro areas, Dallas-Fort Worth ranks 21st on the list of U.S. News Best Places to Live.

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