Question: How Much Is Parking At Birmingham Airport?

How much is Birmingham airport parking?

Birmingham Airport Car Park 2&3 compared to other car parks nearby

0-5 minutes £10.00
10-15 minutes £25.00
15-20 minutes £30.00
20-25 minutes £35.00
25-30 minutes £40.00

What is the cheapest parking at Birmingham Airport?

Our cheapest parking at Birmingham Airport

Car Park Parking Type Price (per week)*
Birmingham Airport Car Park 5 Parking On-Airport from £23.63*
Birmingham Airport Car Park 1 Parking On-Airport from £49.49*
Birmingham Airport Car Park 2&3 Parking On-Airport from £54.99*
Blue Circle Meet & Greet Meet & Greet from £60.50*

Is there any free parking at Birmingham Airport?

You can gain access via a dedicated entrance on Airport Way, the main approach road to the terminal, which is clearly signposted. Stays of up to 20 minutes in this car park are free, making it ideal for dropping off passengers flying from Birmingham Airport.

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How much is the short stay car park at Birmingham Airport?

Birmingham Airport Short Stay Parking

Duration Cost
2 hours £11.20
3 hours £16.50
4 hours £22.00
Up to 24 hours £43.00-£46.00*

What is the best parking at Birmingham Airport?

Can you pick up at Birmingham airport? Yes, if you’re picking up passengers Car Park 1 and Car Parks 2 & 3 are the most convenient parking options. All car parks are located just a 2 minutes’ walk to the terminal and prices start from £5.10 for 1 hour.

Can I leave my car at the airport for a week?

Can you leave your car at the airport? The short answer is yes, you can leave your car at the airport, since most airports have long term parking. Generally, it’s cheaper to park at an off-airport lot than at the airport itself, but not always.

Where can I park at Birmingham Airport?

Find the right car park for you

With over 12,000 spaces, parking at Birmingham Airport isn’t a problem. Car Park 1 and Car Park 2 & 3 are both within 5 minutes’ walk of the terminal, while Car Park 4, Car Park 5 offer a free shuttle bus every few minutes.

What time is free parking in Birmingham?

Charging hours are 8am to 7:30pm, every day except Christmas Day and bank holidays. If you display your Blue Badge, parking is free at pay and display on-street parking bays (with no time limits).

Where do I pick up at Birmingham Airport?

Car Parks 1, 2 or 3 are available for picking up passengers. They’re conveniently located near the arrivals area and offer short-term parking that’s ideal for pickups.

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How much is the drop off charge at Birmingham Airport?

Drop Off car park

Duration Tariff
0 – 20 minutes Free
20 – 25 minutes £1.00
25 – 30 minutes £3.00
30 – 35 minutes £5.00

Which car park is closest to departures at Birmingham Airport?

Leave the M42 at junction 6 and proceed along the A45 following the signs to the airport. On arrival at the airport follow the signs for Car Park 1. Car Park 1 is a one minute walk from the check-in desks, making it one of our most convenient car parks. It has plenty of space, too, with over 3,000 parking bays.

Is there parking at Birmingham International train station?

Looking for parking at Birmingham International station? There is a multi storey car park as well as a short stay car park and a drop off/pick up point, all in close proximity to the station. See below for details.

Do you have to pay to drop off at Birmingham Airport?

Birmingham Airport’s Drop Off is not only convenient for access to the main terminal, but it’s also free for up to 20 minutes, saving you time and money. Passengers can also make use of the regular free bus service that operates between our car parks and the terminal.

Are there two terminals at Birmingham Airport?

Birmingham Airport now has just one terminal – but two different check-in zones. The other check-in zone is to the left of that and has its own entrance – this is where check-in desks 100-130 are; these are the ones used by Air France, Eastern, Flybe, KLM and Thomson.

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