Quick Answer: Fort Pierce Fl Airport?

What airport do you fly into for Fort Pierce Florida?

The nearest airport to Fort Pierce is Melbourne (MLB) Airport which is 49 miles away. Other nearby airports include West Palm Beach/Palm Beach (PBI) (54.7 miles), Orlando (MCO) (91.2 miles), Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International (FLL) (96.2 miles) and Miami (MIA) (114.8 miles).

What major city is near Fort Pierce FL?

Town mi. Country
Port Saint Lucie 17.31 United States
Vero Beach 19.37 United States
Wabasso 20.89 United States
Jensen Beach 22.57 United States

How far is Fort Pierce from Orlando Airport?

The distance between Orlando Airport (MCO) and Fort Pierce is 91 miles. The road distance is 112.6 miles.

Is Fort Pierce Florida dangerous?

Fort Pierce had the highest crime rate. According to the FDLE, the crime rate is an indication of reported crimes standardized by population. In Florida, it is 100,000. In Fort Pierce, the 2019 crime rate is 3,667.6 — more than triple that of Port St.

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What is Fort Pierce famous for?

Fort Pierce, often called the Sunrise City, has been the hub of St. Lucie County, Florida for over 100 years. Situated on the “Treasure Coast,” named after the famed sinking of a Spanish treasure fleet in 1715, Fort Pierce is one of the oldest communities on the east coast of Florida.

Is Fort Pierce FL A good place to live?

Fort Pierce is a nice, small town that offers a balance between the lifestyle of a big city and rural area. There are opportunities to go out and enjoy a variety of dining options, but also many areas to explore nature. Fort Pierce as I will say is average if to me at least.

How far is Miami from Fort Pierce?

The distance between Fort Pierce and Miami is 117 miles. The road distance is 127.2 miles.

How far is Fort Pierce from Fort Myers?

The distance between Fort Pierce and Fort Myers is 110 miles. The road distance is 128.5 miles.

How far is Fort Pierce from Palm Beach?

Distance conversions

Distance type Miles Kilometers
Straight line distance 53.24 mi 85.68 km
Driving distance 63 mi 100.89 km

How far is Tampa from Fort Pierce?

It is 136 miles from Tampa to Fort Pierce. It is approximately 148.6 miles to drive.

How far is Fort Pierce from Kissimmee?

There are 88.20 miles from Kissimmee to Fort Pierce in southeast direction and 103 miles (165.76 kilometers) by car, following the Florida’s Turnpike route. Kissimmee and Fort Pierce are 1 hour 38 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop.

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How far is Fort Pierce from Ft Lauderdale?

How far is it from Fort Lauderdale to Fort Pierce? The distance between Fort Lauderdale and Fort Pierce is 93 miles. The road distance is 101.5 miles.

What are the 10 most dangerous cities in Florida?

Well, this Palm Beach County city has a total crime rate of 5,158 total crimes out of 100k people.

According To FBI Statistics, These Are The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Florida For 2021

  • Florida City.
  • Lake City.
  • Opa Locka.
  • Lake Park.
  • Panama City Beach.
  • Miami Beach.
  • Perry.
  • Daytona Beach.

Which city has the lowest crime rate in Florida?

Here are the 10 Safest Cities in Florida for 2021

  • Weston.
  • Winter Springs.
  • North Palm Beach.
  • Oviedo.
  • Cooper City.
  • Safety Harbor.
  • Minneola.
  • Sweetwater.

Is Fort Pierce Florida a good place to retire?

Located along Florida’s “Treasure Coast” just north of Port St. Along with great wildlife experiences, Fort Pierce also has lots of history and culture, a spunky shopping scene, and an exceptional collection of high-quality, yet casual, restaurants.

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