Quick Answer: Sonoma Ca Airports?

What airport do you fly into for Sonoma California?

The closest airport and shuttle service to Sonoma County are the county’s own Charles M. Schulz-Sonoma County Airport (STS), in Santa Rosa, with daily flights on three major carriers; and the Sonoma County Airport Express, which runs between Sonoma County and the San Francisco and Oakland airports.

What airlines fly into Santa Rosa CA airport?

Direct from United States

Alaska Airlines flights United flights
American Airlines flights Sun Country Airlines flights

How far is Sonoma to SFO?

The town of Sonoma is about 45 miles northeast of San Francisco. To get to the valley, you’ll have to pass through all of Marin County. Whether you take highways or scenic backroads, it should take about 1.5 hours by car.

How do I get from San Francisco to Sonoma?

There is no direct connection from San Francisco Airport (SFO) to Sonoma. However, you can take the BART to 12th Street / Oakland City Center, take the BART to Richmond, then take the taxi to Sonoma. Alternatively, you can take the drive to Sonoma.

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Is Sonoma or Napa better?

Napa: The Wineries. With its wineries more spread out, Sonoma seems to be a great choice for wine lovers looking for a relaxed and intimate vibe. And, if you are loners, things get even better the farther you get from the main road, with fewer crowds and lower tasting fees.

Is Sonoma worth visiting?

It’s a great time to visit

Fall in Sonoma County is one of the most iconic, beautiful times of year to visit. Sonoma County is open for business, from the countryside rivers and valleys to the charming towns to the 55 miles of coastline. Discover charming wineries, beautiful redwood forests, and gorgeous beaches.

Where can you fly direct from Santa Rosa CA?

Domestic non stop flights from Santa Rosa may fly to:

  • Los Angeles, California – LAX – Horizon Air, SkyWest Airlines.
  • Phoenix, Arizona – PHX – Mesa Airlines.
  • Portland, Oregon – PDX – Horizon Air.
  • San Diego, California – SAN – SkyWest Airlines.
  • San Francisco, California – SFO – SkyWest Airlines.

What is the closest airport to Santa Rosa?

Airport Near Santa Rosa, California, US

Airport Name City Distance
Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport Santa Rosa 7.13 mi
Metropolitan Oakland International Airport Oakland 56.47 mi
San Francisco International Airport San Francisco 59.69 mi
Sacramento International Airport Sacramento 63.19 mi

Is the Sonoma County airport open?


As essential infrastructure, the Charles M. Schulz — Sonoma County Airport (STS) remains open and operational. Airports Council International recognized STS with its Airport Health Accreditation for prioritizing health and safety measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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How far is Sonoma from LA?

The distance between Los Angeles and Sonoma is 378 miles.

How far is Sonoma from Napa?

At both the north and south ends of each area, getting from Napa to Sonoma takes less than 30 minutes, but at other points, traveling between the two regions can eat up hours of your precious tasting time.

What is Sonoma County famous for?

Sonoma County, California, is famous for so many things that it’s hard to keep them all straight. Of course, we’re probably most famous for our vineyards and the amazing wines we produce — wines that win gold medals in competitions all around the world.

Can you uber from San Francisco to Napa?

You can play it in your car as you drive to Napa Valley or on your smartphone as you visit wineries. So, the estimated cost to Uber from San Francisco to Napa Valley will range from $90 to $120 depending on which winery you are visiting, this estimate excludes surge pricing that Uber may occasionally charge.

Where should I stay in Sonoma for wine tasting?

10 Wine Country Hotels and Inns in Sonoma Valley

  • Kenwood Inn and Spa.
  • Gaige House + Ryokan.
  • Glen Ellen Inn.
  • Olea Hotel.
  • Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa.
  • Sonoma Valley AVA.

How do I get from San Francisco to Sonoma without a car?

The road distance is 44.6 miles. How do I travel from San Francisco to Sonoma without a car? The best way to get from San Francisco to Sonoma without a car is to bus and line 40 bus which takes 3h 8m and costs $9 – $16.

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