Readers ask: Closest Airport To Fort Sill Oklahoma?

What is the closest major airport to Fort Sill Oklahoma?

Coming to Fort Sill By Air. The Lawton Municipal Airport is the closest airport to post, at about 5 miles.

How far is Fort Sill from Lawton airport?

The distance from the Lawton Municipal Airport to Fort Sill is about five miles.

How far is Fort Sill from OKC?

The distance between Oklahoma City and Fort Sill is 77 miles. The road distance is 87.4 miles.

What city is closest to Fort Sill Oklahoma?

Fort Sill is located in southwest Oklahoma, 90 miles southwest of Oklahoma City, and 50 miles north of Wichita Falls, Texas on Interstate 44. The post is just north of Lawton, OK. Nearby cities include Fletcher, Elgin, and Medicine Park, OK.

What units are stationed at Fort Sill?

It is designated as a National Historic Landmark and serves as home of the United States Army Field Artillery School as well as the Marine Corps’ site for Field Artillery MOS school, United States Army Air Defense Artillery School, the 31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade, and the 75th Field Artillery Brigade.

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How far is Fort Sill from Lawton Oklahoma?

Distance from Fort Sill, OK to Lawton, OK

There are 1.45 miles from Fort Sill to Lawton in northeast direction and 2 miles (3.22 kilometers) by car, following the Southwest Lee Boulevard route. Fort Sill and Lawton are 4 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop.

Will Rogers World Airport to Fort Sill?

Yes, the driving distance between Will Rogers World Airport (OKC) to Fort Sill is 82 miles. It takes approximately 1h 23m to drive from Will Rogers World Airport (OKC) to Fort Sill.

How is Fort Sill basic training?

All basic combat training Soldiers must process into the 95th Adjutant General Battalion upon arrival of Fort Sill. They receive their uniforms, fill out vital forms, learn rudimentary small group drills and many other tasks (including their first famous buzz cut haircut) while they are at the battalion.

Does Lawton OK have an airport?

The Lawton – Ft. Sill Regional Airport has served the Southwestern Oklahoma region since 1950. We have included the most current information regarding commercial air service, as well as general aviation services available at the Lawton – Ft Sill Regional Airport (LAW).

How long is Army basic training at Fort Sill?

Your orders for Army Basic Combat Training arrived and you’ve been assigned to Fort Sill Oklahoma – get ready for your 63 days of training and a wake-up! Basic Combat Training (BCT) is ten weeks, not counting your Reception week.

How many airports are in Oklahoma?

In total, there are 4 airports in Oklahoma with scheduled flights.

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How many soldiers are at Fort Sill?

Fort Sill, located about 90 miles from Oklahoma City, is an artillery training center. The base houses about 53,000 people, including 20,000 military and civilian personnel, and 33,000 military family members, according to the Department of Defense.

Where should I live near Fort Sill?

Lawton, OK

Lawton is the county seat of Comanche County and boasts a population of just under 93,000 people. Its economy is largely supported by its proximity to Fort Sill which is located just 4 miles away. Many recreation areas in Lawton provide residents and visitors with many parks and lakes to choose from.

What is Oklahoma’s largest city?

Nicknamed OKC, Oklahoma City is the capital and biggest city in the state of Oklahoma with a population of 643,648.

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