Readers ask: How Far Is Orlando International Airport From Kissimmee?

How much is a taxi from Orlando airport to Kissimmee?

The fastest way to get from Orlando Airport (MCO) to Kissimmee is to taxi which takes 22 min and costs $45 – $55.

How far is Kissimmee from the airport?

Distance from MCO Airport to Kissimmee, FL

There are 11.36 miles from Orlando International Airport (MCO) to Kissimmee in southwest direction and 17 miles (27.36 kilometers) by car, following the US-17 and US-92 and US-441 route. MCO Airport and Kissimmee are 24 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop.

Which airport is close to Kissimmee?

Most major airlines fly into Orlando International Airport (MCO), just 30 minutes from Kissimmee, with additional flights arriving at Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB), less than an hour’s travel time away.

Is Kissimmee cheaper than Orlando?

Kissimmee is 5.2% less expensive than Orlando. Kissimmee housing costs are 10.3% less expensive than Orlando housing costs. Health related expenses are 0.5% less in Kissimmee.

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Is Uber cheaper than taxi in Orlando?

Get excited for 20% lower fares on Uber rides!

With this price cut, uberX in Orlando will be 40% cheaper than a taxi. From UCF to the resorts and everywhere in between, uberX is the most affordable ride in town.

How far is Kissimmee from the beach?

From Kissimmee it’s just 70 minutes to Cocoa Beach on the east coast, so there’s no excuse for missing out on a day of seaside fun. With its soft sand, a cooling ocean and near-60-year-old pier, there’s lots to love about this area of the Space Coast.

Is Kissimmee dangerous?

Kissimmee, with a population of 60,030, came in at No. 4, and finished 40th lowest in income and 48th worst in crime. Here’s what RoadSnacks had to say: “Kissimmee is a fairly dangerous place just outside of Orlando. Here, families earn about $35,000 a year – which doesn’t go very far in this part of the state.

What is Kissimmee known for?

Kissimmee is a family-oriented destination known for its off-the-beaten-path adventures, endless sunshine and proximity to world-famous theme parks. Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Orlando are just minutes away from Kissimmee.

What is the cheapest airport in Florida to fly into?

The 5 Cheapest Airports to Fly to in Florida

  1. Fort Lauderdale (Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport)
  2. Tampa (Tampa International Airport)
  3. West Palm Beach (Palm Beach International Airport)
  4. Orlando (Orlando International Airport)
  5. Miami (Miami International Airport)

How much is a plane ticket to Kissimmee?

Flights to Kissimmee in 2021

Popular in December
Cheapest in August
Average price $205
Round-trip from $91
One-way from $14
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How far is Kissimmee from Miami?

The total driving distance from Kissimmee, FL to Miami, FL is 217 miles or 349 kilometers.

How far is Kissimmee from Fort Lauderdale?

The distance between Kissimmee and Fort Lauderdale is 171 miles. The road distance is 193.6 miles.

Is Kissimmee the worst city in Florida?

Based on FBI crime data, Kissimmee is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Florida, Kissimmee has a crime rate that is higher than 77% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

Is Kissimmee expensive to live in?

Cost of Living in Kissimmee, Florida by Expense Category

Kissimmee’s housing expenses are 34% lower than the national average and the utility prices are 11% higher than the national average. Kissimmee has grocery prices that are 2% higher than the national average.

What is the cost of living in Kissimmee Florida?

Kissimmee cost of living is 98.7

COST OF LIVING Kissimmee Florida
Housing 95.2 102.6
Median Home Cost $220,100 $237,100
Utilities 104.2 101.3
Transportation 108.2 112.6

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