Readers ask: How Far Is Riu Montego Bay From The Airport?

How far is Montego Bay from the airport in Jamaica?

Distance between Montego Bay and Montego Bay Airport (3,48 km.)

How far is RIU reggae from airport?

The upper-middle-range Hotel Riu Reggae is an adults-only, all-inclusive resort located a 10-minute drive from the airport in Montego Bay.

How do I get from Montego Bay airport to my hotel?

In Jamaica most transfers between the Montego Bay airport and resort hotels are most often by bus, van, or taxi. Various transportation operate from the airport and offer service to all areas of the island.

How much is a day pass at RIU Montego Bay?

Riu Montego Bay Day Pass

Rate option: Riu Montego Bay Day Pass & Transport (4-6 persons)
Cost per adult: $103.99 USD
Cost per child: $89.99 USD (Age 4-12)

Is Montego Bay or Negril better?

Since Montego Bay is a larger place than Negril, it makes sense that it also has more resorts and hotels. There are plenty of all-inclusive resorts you can stay at with private beaches, pools and whatnot. On the other hand, Montego Bay is also overall more expensive than Negril, which is something to keep in mind.

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Is it better to fly into Kingston or Montego Bay?

In short, Montego Bay is generally better for tourists looking for a laid-back, care-free vacation. Kingston is not really a tourist town, offering fewer attractions and fewer quality beaches. It is mainly a business city, a center for industry, banking and shipping.

Which RIU resort is the best?

Founded in 1953, RIU is best known for its all-inclusive resorts.

  • Hotel Riu Palace Jamaica.
  • Hotel Riu Palace Macao.
  • Hotel Riu Palace Punta Cana.
  • Hotel Riu Palace Aruba.
  • Hotel Riu Palace Tropical Bay.
  • Hotel Riu Republica.

What Riu is better in Jamaica?

The best is the RIU CLUB Negril,,, Bloody bay..

What places to avoid in Jamaica?

West Kingston and Flankers in Montego bay are the most dangerous areas in Jamaica. Avoid them if possible and you’ll be unlikely to run into any real trouble.

Does Uber work in Jamaica?

No. There is no Uber service in Jamaica.

How much is taxi from Montego Bay to Negril?

The quickest way to get from Montego Bay to Negril is to taxi which costs $110$140 and takes 1h 15m.

Does Grand Palladium Jamaica have airport shuttle?

Grand Palladium airport transfers and shuttle services is a great way to start your vacation, our private transfers and shuttle services are done in our fully air conditioned and luxurious vehicles, readily available upon arrival when you book in advance with us.

What can you not eat in Jamaica?

Note: Avidin is denatured upon heating so don’t go throwing away those eggs now.

  • #9- Apple/ Cherry.
  • #8- Milk/Cheese/Dairy.
  • #7- Toast Bread.
  • #6- Coffee.
  • #5- Cassava.
  • #4- Potato.
  • #3- Ackee.
  • #2- Fish.
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What does Riu All Inclusive include?

All Inclusive by RIU, we take care of everything

  • In the morning, a very complete breakfast buffet awaits you, with extended hours so that you can decide whether to get up early or sleep in.
  • For dinner in many of our resorts, in addition to the main buffet, you’ll also find a selection of theme restaurants.

Can you drink the water in Montego Bay?

1. The tap water in Jamaica is safe to drink. Unlike Mexico, tap water in Jamaica is safe to drink. Travelers need not spring for bottled water when eating out, worry about brushing teeth with water from the faucet, or avoid raw veggies for fear of getting sick.

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