Readers ask: How To Get From Krabi Airport To Railay Beach?

How do I get from Krabi airport to Railay?

To reach Railay from the airport you could catch the airport shuttle bus to Ao Nang or Ao Nammao pier for 150 baht and then hop on a boat. If going from Railay to the airport, travel agents sell group transfers including boat and van for 400 baht per person.

How do I get to Railay Beach?

The closest ports of embarkation to get to Railay are Ao Nang, Nopparat Thara and Ao Nam Mao, although you can also get there from Krabi Town. From Ao Nang, you need to purchase your ticket at the Ao Nang Long-Tail Boat Service Club booths located at both ends of Ao Nang Beach Road, respectively next to.

Is Railay worth visiting?

So is Railay worth it? Of course it is! Really, in terms of natural setting, Phranang is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But I would recommend going slightly outside peak season if you can.

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Is Grabcar available in Krabi?

Travel apps. Save money by booking your Krabi journey with Grab; the ride-sharing app offers cheaper prices than regular taxis and you’ll have an estimate of the fare before your trip even starts. Local tip: The Krabi Guide app is useful in so many ways when travelling around the area.

Can you drive to Railay Beach?

As you can see on this map, there’s no road that leads to Railay Beach. You can reach Railay Beach via boat coming from Ao Nang Beach or Krabi Town.

Is Railay Beach an island?

Railay Beach is, in fact, a small peninsula which counts four beaches. Although it’s actually connected to the mainland, the spectacular Phra Nang Peninsular is effectively cut off from the rest of Krabi by limestone headlands and steep jungle valleys; the only access is by sea.

How do I get to Railay beach from Ao Nang beach?

For a more direct boat access point to Railay you can go to Ao Nammao Pier. Coming from Krabi Town, you can either take a taxi (15 minutes, 350-400 Baht) or a white colored songthaew (up to one hour, 60 Baht). The boat fare is 80 Baht and they leave when full.

How do I get from Phuket to Railay Beach?

The quickest way to get from Phuket to Railay Beach is to Speedboat which costs ฿700 – ฿1200 and takes 2h 15m. Is there a direct ferry between Phuket and Railay Beach? Yes, there is a direct ferry departing from Rassada Pier Phuket and arriving at Railay Beach. Services depart once daily, and operate every day.

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Should I stay in Ao Nang or Railay?

So if you have a choice or want to stay in one area more than the other, we would certainly recommend staying at Railay over Ao Nang, as long as your budget allows it, because staying on Railay Beach is significantly more expensive than staying near Ao Nang Beach.

How do I get to the Railay viewpoint?

It’s super easy to get to Railay West from Ao Nang. At Ao Nang go to the left side of the beach. The ticket counter is located here, next to the main road. Buy a ticket, wait for a while until there are more passengers.

How far is Railay beach from Bangkok?

The distance between Bangkok and Railay Beach is 664 km. The road distance is 779.3 km.

How much is taxi from Krabi Airport to Ao Nang?

A cab to Ao Nang from Krabi airport costs 600 baht while a van costs 1,050 baht and bus only costs 150 baht per person. Needless to say, the cheapest way from Krabi airport to Ao Nang is via the official airport shuttle bus.

How much is a taxi from Ao Nang to Krabi town?

Similarly, if you’re not close to a bus stop, you can stand by the side of the road and flag one down, like a taxi. The price from Ao Nang to Krabi Town one way is 50 baht per person and you can flag down the bus anywhere along the main road through the village and at the beach.

Is Grab legal in Thailand?

BANGKOK (NNT) – The government is taking steps to legalize Grab services, expected to be effective from March 2020, beginning with the Grab taxi service. The Grab motorcycle service is pending further study.

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