Readers ask: What Airlines Fly Into Flagstaff Az Airport?

Which airlines fly into Flagstaff?

Which airlines offer direct flights to Flagstaff Pulliam? SkyWest Airlines, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, United, CommutAir, Qatar Airways and Mesa Airlines all fly non-stop to Flagstaff Pulliam.

Does Southwest Airlines fly into Flagstaff?

Southwest Airlines Flights to Flagstaff (FLG) From $49* Deals.

Does United Airlines fly to Flagstaff AZ?

United flights to Flagstaff from $ 157 *

How do I get to Flagstaff?

Flagstaff is a two- to three-hour drive from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) and a four-hour drive from McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas (LAS). The small but conveniently located Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (FLG) also offers several flights daily to Phoenix.

How far is Flagstaff from Grand Canyon?

Grand Canyon National Park’s SOUTH RIM (open all year) is located 60 miles north of Williams, Arizona (via route 64 from Interstate 40) and 80 miles northwest of Flagstaff (via route 180). The Grand Canyon lies entirely within the state of Arizona.

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How far is Phoenix to Flagstaff?

The distance between Phoenix and Flagstaff, AZ is 124 miles. The road distance is 145.2 miles.

Does Southwest fly to Grand Canyon?

Following Delta and Delta Connection, the largest carriers are Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and United Express, US Airways and US Airways Express, and American Airlines and American Eagle. Salt Lake City International is approximately 550 miles to the Grand Canyon Village at the South Rim.

Where does Southwest fly into Arizona?

Travel to the capital of Arizona with a Southwest Airlines® flight from Dallas Love Field to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Where does Southwest fly in Arizona?


Country City Airport
United States (Arizona) Phoenix Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Tucson Tucson International Airport
United States (Arkansas) Little Rock Little Rock National Airport
United States (California) Burbank Hollywood Burbank Airport

How far is Sedona from Flagstaff?

Flagstaff is just 27 miles north of Sedona on 89A (possibly one of the most visually stunning scenic drives in Arizona) and features a geographic view Mt.

How far is Phoenix airport to Flagstaff?

How far is it from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, AZ to Flagstaff? It is 124 miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, AZ to Flagstaff.

How far is Flagstaff Airport from Sedona?

There are several flights throughout the day now making it easier than ever to get to northern AZ directly. Or, fly a private/charter aircraft into Flagstaff Pulliam Airport. 25.3 miles; 40 minutes drive from Flagstaff to Sedona.

How much is a shuttle from Phoenix to Flagstaff?


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To / From Flagstaff Adult Child (10 & Under)
Phoenix $49.00 $28.00
Camp Verde $37.00 $28.00
Grand Canyon $34.00*
Williams $24.00

Is there a shuttle from Phoenix to Flagstaff?

Phoenix to Flagstaff bus services, operated by Arizona Shuttle, depart from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport station. Phoenix to Flagstaff bus services, operated by Arizona Shuttle, arrive at Flagstaff Amtrak station.

Is there a shuttle from Flagstaff Airport to Sedona?

At FLG airport shuttle providers such as Arizona Shuttle offers shuttle services from Flagstaff Pulliam Airport to Phoenix Sky Harbor International as well as other surrounding areas like Flagstaff, Sedona and Phoenix. Advance booking required for this service.

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