Readers ask: What Airport Do You Fly Into For Park City Utah?

How far is Park City Utah from the airport?

Park City, Utah is less than half a day away from anywhere in the United States, and once you land at Salt Lake City International Airport, Park City is an easy, 35-minute ride from the airport.

Can you fly to Park City Utah?

How to fly to Park City? You cannot fly directly to Park City. KAYAK recommends you fly to Salt Lake City (SLC) (27.13 mi from Park City). From there you can rent a car or get a taxi.

How far is Park City Utah from Logan Utah?

How far is it from Park City to Logan? It is 78 miles from Park City to Logan.

Is there a shuttle from Salt Lake to Park City?

Express Shuttle offers Shared Ride and Private Vehicle service to Park City and it’s surrounding areas from the Salt Lake Airport. As an official provider for the Sundance Film Festival for over 20 years, Express Shuttle is very familiar with Park City.

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How much does an uber cost from Salt Lake City airport to Park City?

Uber and Lyft tend to be about $45 from the airport to park city Main Street. the variable you’ll find though is due to weather you may be slowed down, and as well depending on the demand at the airport you may hit surge pricing.

Do I need a car in Park City Utah?

1. Re: Do we need a car? Park City has a very efficient, free bus system that circulates through the town, including going out to the outlet mall, the grocery stores and to the ski resorts. If you arrange for a shuttle service from the airport to Park City, there will be no need for a car.

Does Southwest fly to Utah?

Southwest® is proud to serve Salt Lake City International Airport. And when you choose Southwest, you can book with confidence. Discover more about what makes the Southwest® Experience so unique. Reserve your upcoming flight to Salt Lake City.

Where should I stay in Park City?

  • Deer Valley. The Deer Valley area is centered around Deer Valley Resort, an award-winning ski destination where you can expect the finest in grooming, restaurants, and service.
  • Downtown.
  • Park City Canyons Village.
  • Kimball Junction.

How far is it from Park City Utah to Salt Lake City Utah?

The distance between Salt Lake City and Park City is 22 miles.

How long is the drive from Salt Lake City to Park City Utah?

How long is the drive from Salt Lake City, UT to Park City, UT? The total driving time is 40 minutes.

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Is there Uber in Park City?

Like most destinations, Uber and Lyft have become very convenient, available, and affordable in Park City. As locals, we typically use Uber or Lyft to get to and from the airport, which runs a nominal $40-$50(ish) dollars per direction (unless surge pricing is in effect). It’s also great for short trips around town.

How do you get around Park City Utah?

The best way to get around Park City is on foot or via free public transportation. The Main Street trolley runs up and down the steep historic street for short jaunts, and bus routes service all major locations in town, as well as both ski resorts.

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