Readers ask: What Airport To Use For Naples Florida?

How far is Fort Myers airport from Naples Florida?

Yes, the driving distance between Ft. Myers Airport (RSW) to Naples is 34 miles. It takes approximately 38 min to drive from Ft. Myers Airport (RSW) to Naples.

How far is Southwest Florida International Airport from Naples?

Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW)

It is about 45 minutes south of Naples, in Fort Myers, which may seem like a lengthy ride.

How far is Naples from Miami airport?

Yes, the driving distance between Miami Airport (MIA) to Naples is 120 miles. It takes approximately 2h 7m to drive from Miami Airport (MIA) to Naples.

Does Southwest fly to Naples FL?

Myers/Naples, you can get there conveniently by booking a flight into Southwest Florida International Airport on Southwest Airlines. Find the flights that work just right for you with Southwest—then dig your sandals and beach towels out of the closet and get ready to enjoy a spell of easy living along the Gulf Coast.

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How far is Fort Myers from Naples FL?

The total driving distance from Fort Myers, FL to Naples, FL is 43 miles or 69 kilometers.

How much is a taxi from Fort Myers airport to Naples?

In the list below, discover their rates for up to 3 passengers from RSW Airport.

Fort Myers Airport Shuttle.

Destination Price
Fort Myers Beach $49-54
Cape Coral $40-64
Estero $35
Naples $54-79

How far is Naples Florida from Tampa Bay?

The total driving distance from Naples, FL to Tampa Bay is 173 miles or 278 kilometers.

How far is Tampa from Naples?

Distance from Naples, FL to Tampa, FL

There are 131.44 miles from Naples to Tampa in northwest direction and 167 miles (268.76 kilometers) by car, following the I-75 N route. Naples and Tampa are 2 hours 32 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop.

Does it rain a lot in Naples Florida?

In a nutshell, Naples sees on average around 264 days of sunshine per year, 54 inches of rain, average highs range from the mid-70’s to mid-90’s, and average lows from the mid-50’s to the mid-70’s, depending on the month. Yes, there is humidity, but that’s just a fact of life in Florida.

How far is Naples Florida from Key West?

The distance between Naples and Key West is 110 miles. The road distance is 239.4 miles.

Is Naples Florida Safe?

Low Crime Rate — You can rest easy in Naples knowing that this is one of the safest areas in Florida. Naples boasts a crime rate almost 90% lower than the Florida average, and 57% safer than other US cities. It’s a city where residents feel safe walking alone or parking their car on the street.

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How far is Miami from Naples?

The total driving distance from Naples, FL to Miami, FL is 125 miles or 201 kilometers.

Is there a shuttle from Ft Myers Airport to Naples?

Unfortunately, there are no buses or trains that operate between Southwest Florida International Airport in Ft. Myers (RSW) and Naples. Fortunately Naples Airport Shuttle is here to save the day!

How far is Fort Lauderdale from Naples FL?

The distance between Fort Lauderdale and Naples is 103 miles. The road distance is 108.2 miles.

What cities does Southwest fly to in Florida?


Country City Airport
United States (Florida) Fort Myers Southwest Florida International Airport
Jacksonville Jacksonville International Airport
Orlando Orlando International Airport
Palm Beach Palm Beach International Airport

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