Tsa Airport Assessment?

What is a TSA airport assessment?

The Airport Assessment is the third step in the TSO hiring process. This is the portion of the hiring process when you can let your personality shine through and stick out from the crowd. Before your Airport Assessment can even be schedule you must: Pass the Computer Based Test (CBT).

How long does it take to get an airport assessment?

You will undergo a criminal background check during the application process. If you pass through this process with no flags, the TSA will extend an invitation for an interview. The process – from application to interview – can take anywhere from three weeks to a month.

What should I wear to TSA airport assessment?

Just wear dress clothes so you look presentable and you’re good. There is no need to wear a suit. A shirt and tie is fine. Wear business clothes.

What questions do they ask in TSA interview?

Interview questions with sample answers

  • What is your greatest strength, and how will it benefit you as a TSA Screener?
  • Tell us about a time you had a conflict with a coworker.
  • Name a time you had to make a decision with little resources in a timely manner.
  • Name a time you had to meet the needs of a difficult customer.
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How long is the TSA hiring process?

The approval process takes approximately 2-3 weeks, although many applicants receive their approval in a few days and may check their application status online. TSA will notify members with eligibility results.

Do TSA agents fly for free?

Unlike cabin crew members, flight attendants, and other airlines employees, TSA agents don’t receive perks like free space-available air travel or the occasional free meal.

Is the TSA computer test hard?

Is the TSA computer test hard? There are different sections to the TSA computer-based test. The most difficult section of the test is the X-ray test, where you are challenged to recognize dangerous objects within 15 seconds.

Is it hard to become a TSA agent?

While you can apply to the TSA with only the basic requirements, it can be a very competitive process. Most TSA agents have additional education beyond a high school diploma and many also have great experience to place on their resume as well.

How do I get a TSA job at the airport?

What Are Some of the Requirements Needed to Submit an Application for Employment with the TSA?

  1. Must be a US citizen.
  2. Must be 18 years old or older.
  3. Must possess a high school diploma or GED.
  4. Must be able to pass a drug screening and medical evaluation.
  5. Pass a background investigation (credit check and a criminal check).

What happens at a TSA PreCheck interview?

You will need to provide some personal information when you fill out the TSA Precheck application. During the in-person interview, you will also be asked to answer a few basic personal questions and are expected to provide your current U.S. passport or a driver’s license and birth certificate.

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Does TSA pay for training?

TSA will fly you to training at no cost or they will have the training done at a local facility where you will work.

Does TSA require polygraph?

Polygraphs are rare other than FBI, CIA, etc but TSA will subject you to a background investigation.

How much does a TSA employee make?

The mean annual pay for TSA agents is $40,160 or $19.31 per hour, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2016. An attractive benefits package includes medical insurance, dental and vision benefits, retirement, paid sick and vacation leave.

Why does TSA do a credit check?

TSA pulls a credit report to help determine overall suitability for a security sensitive position with the federal government. They don’t care what your credit score is or whether you have “bad” credit. They have determined the following to be disqualifying issues: debt that is currently delinquent in excess of $7500.

Can you work for TSA with a misdemeanor?

TSA standards are more stringent than OPM’s in two areas with a significant influence on public trust: misdemeanor and felony theft. Under TSA’s enhanced standards, any theft conviction within the past 15 years is disqualifying.

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