What Airport Is Closest To Anaheim Convention Center?

How far is John Wayne Airport from Anaheim Convention Center?

It is 9 miles from Santa Ana Airport (SNA) to Anaheim Convention Center. It is approximately 13.7 miles to drive. How do I travel from Santa Ana Airport (SNA) to Anaheim Convention Center without a car?

How do I get from LAX to Anaheim Convention Center?

The best way to get from Los Angeles to Anaheim Convention Center without a car is to train and line 50 bus which takes 1h 16m and costs $24 – $40.

What is the closest major airport to Anaheim CA?

Disneyland is located in Anaheim, California. Many people will tell you that it is in LA, it is not. The closest airport is John Wayne Orange County Airport (SNA).

How far is Anaheim from LAX Airport?

Yes, the driving distance between Los Angeles Airport (LAX) to Anaheim is 32 miles. It takes approximately 36 min to drive from Los Angeles Airport (LAX) to Anaheim. Where can I stay near Anaheim? There are 653+ hotels available in Anaheim.

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How much is uber from SNA to Disneyland?

From SNA, Uber will likely cost around $20-35.

Is LAX or SNA closer to Disneyland?

There are 2 airports close to Disneyland. They are Long Beach Airport (LGB) and John Wayne Airport (SNA). Both airports are approximately 14 miles from Disneyland. Then the next two are LAX at 33 miles, and then Ontario Airport at 35 miles.

Is there a free shuttle from LAX to Disneyland?

First, you’ll take the free shuttle from the airport terminal to the LAX/Aviation subway station outside of the airport which connects to the green line. When you exit at Norwalk, you can catch the Line 460 bus using your metro ticket as a free transfer pass, which goes directly to the Disneyland Resort.

Is there a shuttle from LAX to Anaheim?

Prime Time Shuttle wants to take you to the happiest places on earth, including Disneyland. Our Disneyland Shuttle can pick you up from LAX and take you to Disneyland, California Adventure, Downtown Disney, or any of the Disneyland Resort Hotels so you can start your dream vacation.

Does Hilton Anaheim have airport shuttle?

Area Resort Transit (ART) is a resort shuttle service that connects Hilton Anaheim with Disneyland, other theme parks, hotels, restaurants, shopping and dining. Other shuttle destinations within the Anaheim Resort area include the cities of Anaheim, Garden Grove, Buena Park, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana and Orange.

How far is Anaheim from LA?

How far is Anaheim from LA? About 35 miles.

What is the John Wayne Airport called?

John Wayne Airport, Orange County (Airport Code: SNA), owned and operated by the County of Orange, is the only commercial service airport in Orange County, California.

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Does Southwest fly to John Wayne?

No matter if it’s Orange County/Santa Ana or the Big Orange itself that draws you to Southern California, find your way there with ease by booking a flight to John Wayne Airport Orange County with Southwest®.

Is Anaheim safe?

Anaheim is considered one of the safest cities in the United States considering its size, although part of this is because the pleasant Anaheim Hills area to the east balances out the more dangerous parts of the city to the west.

What are the bad parts of Anaheim?

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Anaheim, CA

  • The Colony. Population 31,508. 31 % Violent Crimes 414 crimes / 100k people.
  • Southeast. Population 47,885. 18 % Violent Crimes 375 crimes / 100k people.
  • Southwest. Population 112,652. 17 %
  • Northwest. Population 56,181. 12 %
  • Northeast. Population 39,026. -1 %
  • Anaheim Hills. Population 51,966. -57 %

How long does it take to drive from LA to Anaheim?

How long is the drive from Los Angeles, CA to Anaheim, CA? The total driving time is 37 minutes.

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