Where Is Stn Airport?

Where in London is Stansted Airport?

London Stansted Airport (STN) is London’s busiest airport and one of the fastest growing airports in Europe. The airport is located 64km (40 miles) to the north-east of London. It is home to many of the UK’s low-cost airlines, serving mostly European and Mediterranean destinations.

How far is Stansted Airport from London?

Stansted Airport is 42 miles northeast of Central London with easy travel links to the rest of Britain. Wherever you’re travelling to, we’ll get you there calm and carefree.

How far is Stansted train station from airport?

Stansted Airport train station is only 2 minutes away from London Stansted Airport terminal via lifts, escalators and ramps. There’s therefore no need for a shuttle bus.

How do I get to STN airport?

The Stansted Express train connects the airport to London Liverpool Street station. Trains run every 15 minutes during the day, 7 days a week. Once you get to Stansted Airport train station, it’s only 2 minutes’ walk to the airport terminal.

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Is there a train from Stansted to London?

Stansted Express offers the fastest way to travel between London Stansted Airport and London. Trains depart every 15 minutes and take just 47 minutes to and from London Liverpool Street.

Is Stansted airport closing down?

From Monday 11 January 2021 until Saturday 27th March, between the hours of 17:00 and 05:00 each night, Stansted Airport terminal will be closed. There will be no scheduled arrival or departure flights during these times until further notice.

How much is a taxi from London to Stansted?

London To Stansted Taxi | Taxi From London To Stansted Airport From ₤49.00* | Pre- Booking Service- 60% Cheaper Than Blackcabs Taxis.

What is the cheapest way to get to Stansted Airport from London?

With prices starting at just £2, easyBus really is the cheapest way to get to Stansted Airport. There are two direct routes you can take from LondonLondon City Old Street and Baker Street in the West End. Baker Street is a popular easyBus route due to its convenient location.

How much does it cost from Stansted to London?

Stansted to London: By train

Stansted Express trains are the quickest and most direct way to travel between London Stansted Airport and the capital. Services run every 15 minutes and tickets can be booked for as little as £9.45 one-way when bought in advance.

How much does Stansted Express cost?

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London – Stansted Airport Comparison of Fares 2020
Service Standard Adult Fare
Stansted Express – Liverpool Street £19.40 £30.70
Stansted Express Web Duo – (2 people) £34.10# £54.00#
National Express – Stratford £7-£12 † £14-£20 †
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Does Stansted Airport have a train station?

Almost 25 years old, Stansted Airport Train Station has stood the test of time as one of the quickest and easiest ways to get to and from the airport. It has three platforms, two dedicated to the Stansted Express services that connect us to central London and one for other services.

What train line is Stansted Airport on?

The Stansted Express service departs from Liverpool Street every 15 minutes, reaching Stansted Airport in around 45. You can also join the train at Tottenham Hale, where there is a connection to the Victoria Line.

How much does it cost to get to Stansted Airport?

Train tickets from London to Stansted Airport can start from as little as £19.40 when you book in advance and are usually more expensive when purchased on the day.

How much is the bus from Stansted to London?

Luggage Allowance

London – Stansted Airport Comparison of Fares 2020
Service Standard Adult Fare
National Express – Marble Arch /Portman Square/Paddington £7-£12 † £14-£26 †
Airport Bus / Terravision – Stratford /Liverpool Street £8.00 £14.00
Airport Bus / Terravision – Baker Street/Victoria £8.00 £14.00

Can I use Oyster to Stansted Airport?

You can‘t use Oyster cards or Contactless payment cards on Stansted Express services to/from Stansted Airport.

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