Local Focus

While we are all unique, we have many common issues and obstacles. For example, we all need to integrate our airports into our communities, and we all need to be sensitive to local political issues. Therefore, it is important that we share ideas, experiences, and best practices so we can learn from each other about the most useful approaches.  GAAC provides access to this vital advice through our online discussion forum. GAAC also provides members with tool kits to empower us to effectively communicate with local residents, local advocacy groups, and local elected officials to help our communities realize the tremendous benefits general aviation airports bring to a community.

We are all working to operate our airports in the safest, most cost-effective manner. Every day we hear from different vendors about new products and new technologies. GAAC’s web-based discussion forum allows members to share their thoughts on how to best manage, operate, and promote GA airports.

Local Information And Materials

For helpful information and materials contributed by GAAC members, visit our Library and our Forum.

Local Commitee

The Local Committee is made up of interested members that meet regularly to discuss local issues that affect GA airports.  These issue range from day-to-day maintenance and operations of our airports to working with local leaders to educate the community about the positive economic impact of GA airports. The Local Committee will identify and discuss local issues, and develop strategies to adequately address those issues. The Committee will share this information with all GAAC members.

We are building this committee and would appreciate your participation.  If you are interested in joining GAAC’s Local Committee, please contact Jennifer Imo at [email protected] or 202.454.3947.

Committee Members

Lin Brown
Pilots Ridge Airport

Tiffany Gillem
Jacksonville Aviation Authority

Scott Malta
Castle Airport

Ken Paskar
New York Aviation Management Association

Juan Rivera
Manassas Regional Airport